Hanalei Beach Park (Black Pot Beach)

4 stars from 6 reviews
Address 4997 Weke Rd, Hanalei, HI 96714
Popular beach with locals and campers, especially on weekends.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Camping
• Facilities: Grassy Area • Facilities: Lifeguard
• Facilities: Picnic Tables • Facilities: Showers
• Type: Kid Friendly • Type: Murky Water
• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Good / Plenty
• Good For: Boogie Boarding • Good For: SUP

Matt Anderson's Take
Hanalei Beach Park, also known as Black Pot Beach, is located on the northeast end of Hanalei Bay and is very popular with locals and campers. On the weekends this place is likely to be packed. With that in mind, you're far better off coming here during the week.

It does have some good facilities but the swimming conditions here aren't likely to be very good since the Hanalei River empties into the ocean here which makes for murky water. Remember, murky water isn't the best to swim in and sharks also enjoy murky waters (see Shark Attacks In Hawaii).

If you move further west along the bay you'll be at Hanalei Pavilion Beach Park which is going to be better since it's further away from the murky river water.

The iconic Hanalei Pier is located here at Hanalei Beach Park as well so bring a camera to get some fun photos of that.

Hanalei Beach has been the backdrop to many movies such as Beachhead, Miss Sadie Thompson, South Pacific, and The Descendants. For more on that check out Popular Movies & TV Shows Filmed In Hawaii.
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Matt Anderson
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Fred J
Joined: Sep 2017
Reviews: 21
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Great beach to hang out at. Wasn't all that crowded on a Wednesday when we visited.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
Reviews: 803
Likes Received: 111
The beach itself is very nice and the views are incredible. During the week, it's a fun place to be but on weekends this place really packs in the crowds and that's not my cup of tea. But the real reason for the low rating is the murky water. This just isn't where I would want to swim. Walk a bit further west along the bay and you'll find better places to play in the water.
Lori S
Joined: Sep 2016
Reviews: 6
Likes Received: 1
One of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The mountain backdrop will literally leave you breathless. Swimming is calm near the pier and for those who like bigger waves, you simply only need walk down the beach. Highly recommend as one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island.
rachel m
Joined: Aug 2014
Reviews: 229
Likes Received: 19
Hanalei bay is a very beautiful spot. It can get very busy and parking can be a nightmare. So if you can try to go on a weekday and you won't have quite as many people around. The views of the beach, ocean, and mountains are stunning and really shouldn't be missed.
Heather M
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 57
Likes Received: 8
Very popular beach area for locals and for tourists. It was fun to venture out to the pier and watch the locals do flips and acrobatic jumps off of the pier. Rumor has it that Julia Roberts, Pierce Brosnan, and Ben Stiller own homes near the Hanalei bay area
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
Reviews: 579
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Hanalei is special. It's green and gorgeous with the Pali Mountains and beautiful coastline. Hanalei Beach Park is spacious and has a gentle shore break. Fine for a family day at the beach. For those that prefer safe beautiful beach destinations, Hanalei Beach Park may be your cup of tea. I prefer fewer crowds, so the beaches down the road are more my style.
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