Baby Beach

3.5 stars from 3 reviews
Address 71 Ala Moana St, Lahaina, HI 96761
Average beach in the town area of Lahaina.

• Facilities: Showers • Type: Kid Friendly
• Type: Protected From Open Ocean • Sand Type: Powder
• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Good / Plenty
• Good For: Fishing • Good For: Sunsets

Full Description
Baby Beach is a little odd, partly because it's located right behind a cemetery on one side and the Lahaina Jodo Mission on the other. It's certainly quiet and peaceful. It's located at the end of Ala Moana Street in the small town area of Lahaina.

So, is this a place to take the keiki (kids) for a day at the beach? It certainly can, but it's not an ideal beach. The ocean floor is very reefy in most spots if you go in more than a few feet.

Near the shore it's not bad and can be a good place for kids to splash and play since the reef generally keeps the near shore waters calm (there is no lifeguard here though). Otherwise it's not a great place if you want to get in and swim.

Other than that you'll really only see some local fishermen here as it just isn't a pretty beach for hanging out.

Matt A
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Baby Beach is probably a decent enough beach but with so many better beaches around I don't see this as a place you'd really hang out for long. Let the kids splash around for a bit, otherwise keep moving for better beaches.
brandy s
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Baby beach as its name implies is excellent for families with small children. The waves break on an offshore reef making the shore break nonexistent. The water is shallow for quite a distance. It is a great place to grab a floaty and relax. It is not an adventurous beach full of surfers. Parking is easy and beach access simple to find.
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The beach was just perfect enough if you need to unwind and make some sweat. Do sports like volleyball, badminton, or if you want you can do some sunbathing. If you want to remove skin itchiness the salty water of the beach is perfect for you. And the sunset was amazing here while having a selfie with family, friends, and don't forget to bring your loved ones. It's perfect for your honeymoon.
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