Ko Olina Lagoon 2 (Honu Lagoon)

4.5 stars from 8 reviews
Address 92-106 Waialii Pl, Kapolei, HI 96707
Great for swimming, snorkeling, and kids. Like all of the Ko Olina lagoons, this is one of the best beaches on Oahu.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Grassy Area
• Facilities: Showers • Type: Kid Friendly
• Type: No Dogs Allowed • Type: Protected From Open Ocean
• Type: Shady • Sand Type: Regular
• Parking: Poor / Few • Good For: Snorkeling
• Good For: Sunsets • Good For: Swimming

Full Description
Ko Olina Lagoon 2, the Honu Lagoon, is located in the Ko Olina Resort which is in the city of Kapolei on the west side of O'ahu. The beach here is pretty much like all of the other Ko Olina Lagoons but it is the only lagoon to have permanent palapas (umbrellas) on the beach for shade. Of course, they are few and far between, get taken early, and don't provide tons of shade so they're hardly a selling point.

The parking situation here is pretty bad with around 18 public spots in the lot. Arrive early if you want a spot, after that it may be tough to come by and impossible on a weekend with cars often lining up and waiting for a spot.

All of the 4 lagoons in Ko Olina are man made and nicely protected from the ocean by breakwaters so this makes them a great place for the kids as the surf will usually be low to nonexistent, though there are no lifeguards here. That also makes the snorkeling here pretty good on most days and you'll find all sorts of fish to view. The fish are a reminder that the lagoon is still open to the ocean so this has all of the potential dangers of any other beach in Hawaii as well.

There can be a stronger current near the breakwaters, especially the center opening where the water exits the lagoon for the ocean which is roped off so you know to stay away from it. If the waves are really pumping you can get sucked out through the center channel so don't ignore the ropes!

There is a lot of sand to play on here and a decent amount of grass (some with shade from trees) along with public showers, drinking fountains, and toilets. Note that the Ko Olina security team does not allow dogs here and will now let you setup your own umbrella or shade structure though chairs are allowed.

Ko Olina Lagoon 2, like all of the Ko Olina Lagoons, is one of the better beaches in Hawaii and one we highly recommend you try. If it's too busy then try Ko Olina Lagoon 1 (Kahola Lagoon), Ko Olina Lagoon 3 (Nai'a Lagoon), or Ko Olina Lagoon 4 (Ulua Lagoon) because they're all very similar. All four of the Ko Olina lagoons are connected by a very nice concrete beach walk.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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Another great Ko Olina area beach. The water is usually clear here and it's not too busy during the week but gets annoyingly crowded on weekends. Love that they have palapas here but not sure why they cheaped out with so few. The bathrooms here need a major improvement as they always reek like no other bathroom on the planet. Absolutely terrible design here.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
Reviews: 579
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My favorite lagoon in Ko Olina for snorkeling. The water surge can be strong in the center channel - A few swimmers have been sucked out while swimming in the huge surf. There is an undertow in the center channel, so swimmers should stay outside the rope, and never enter the water during surgy, stormy weather. That said, this lagoon has the best circulation, thus clearer water and abundant fish.
Joined: Jul 2013
Reviews: 384
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Lagoon 2 is my favorite lagoon. We swim here all the time. It may not be as calm as some of the other lagoons here, but the water is always clear and blue. Snorkeling is great here with hundreds of fish to see and if you are lucky you might see a sea turtle or Monk seal. If you do please give them their space.
Joined: Jul 2016
Reviews: 146
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All of the lagoons in Ko'olina are simply amazing. It's a great place to bring the family... Since it's a lagoon the water is shallow enough for little kids. It's always clean and never over crowded. It's a great place to hang for the day... And the restaurants nearby are all great.
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 426
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Best lagoon. All of them are great but I do love this one! Sand is beautiful water is clear and gorgeous and loved swimming there. So many Beautiful palm trees just a paradise setting for photo opportunities. We had a beautiful day weather was hot and nice and refreshing to swim. Kids loved it also lots to hire of you like paddle boarding etc. Highly recommend all family's check out these beautiful lagoons. Will definitely be back loved it.
Jennie S
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 39
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This beach is absolutely stunning! It's fairly small in size, but it feels nicely secluded. And I like how there was a sort of rock wall so far out into the ocean that I felt safe when swimming out into the ocean. I didn't feel like I was going to be sucked out or anything. The sand was soft and it was just a great area to lounge out at!
Mark A
Joined: Mar 2014
Reviews: 15
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Go an hour before end of day and enjoy. Sunset, swim, a little snorkel time, people watch, or if there is enough swell you can watch waves implode on the reef. Can't go wrong if the elements come together.
Joined: Aug 2013
Reviews: 12
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Another awesome Ko Olina lagoon! This one is just as perfect as the other 3 but the advantage here is that this one tends to be a little less crowded since it only has the condo building on it and no hotel (yet, I'm sure it's on its way!).
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