Mokule'ia Army Beach

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Address 68 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI 96791
Rarely used, great place to relax, very secluded. Crystal clear, blue waters await.

• Type: Dog Friendly • Good For: Fishing

Matt Anderson's Take
Mokule'ia Army Beach can be found in Waialua on the northshore of O'ahu. It's just east of Camp Harold Erdman Beach and just west of (similarly named) Mokuleia Beach Park and right across the street from the west end of Dillingham Airfield. See our map / directions page for exact location.

Mokule'ia Army Beach is actually a bit of a hidden gem and few tourists venture up this way. While it doesn't have any facilities (no bathrooms or showers) the seclusion here makes it worth the trip. On the weekend you'll usually find one or two families but during the week it will probably be vacant.

When people are here they're usually fishing further down (east) where the shoreline is fairly rocky. There is a really nice non-rocky area to set up shop and enter the ocean from which is right behind one of the little parking areas on the side of the road.

Just look for the colored (painted) cement barriers on the ocean side of the road (some of which are planters that somebody made as a memorial to their son) and where the big concrete cube like building is (an old Army building) towards the west end of Dillingham Airfield.

Park there, head straight back towards the ocean and you'll see a large area where you can get in the water. Of course, if you are here in the winter or anytime when the surf is pounding the shore then stay out of course. The water here is really clear and makes some beautiful shades of blue to enjoy while you relax or play. Just remember, you're on your own here since there are no lifeguards.
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Matt Anderson
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Matt A
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I'm a fan of this beach when the ocean is calm enough to swim in. Even if there are a few other people here it's big enough that you'll be nowhere near them. But it's often empty during the week and a fun place to just hang out and relax. Just remember, there are no bathrooms here or anywhere around here. Good to know if you have kids and need to plan accordingly.
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This beach is awesome and totally secluded. Sometimes it's so empty it's earie. But it's nice to get away from the crowds of Waikiki. And when your up here you can check out the farms and polo fields. Definitely worth driving to the north side. You'll also see plenty of hang gliders and parachute jumpers coming from Dillingham.
Heather M
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Mokuleia Beach is definitely in my Top 5 favorites of Oahu beaches. There are very rarely many people there (with the exception of maybe on holiday weekends) and the beach is so expansive that even if others ARE there, you still feel like you have it to yourself. For fans of the TV show "Lost," this is the beach where the plane crash was, and most of the first season were filmed. One thing to note is that even though the waves aren't very high here (during the summer months, anyways), they are STRONG. Girls-- it's not uncommon to lose a bikini top out here in these waves!
Tom T
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I love the beaches on the northwest side of Oahu. Army Beach usually has far fewer people than the beaches closer to Haleiwa. Plenty of turtles, fish, and good snorkeling. Beautiful white sand beach with a gentle slope. Locals will be fishing here as well.
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