Camp Harold Erdman Beach

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Address 69-385 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI 96791
Quiet beach in the middle of nowhere. If you want seclusion this is your beach.

• Type: Dog Friendly • Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Street only • Good For: Fishing • Good For: Turtle Sightings

Camp Harold Erdman Beach is located on the north shore at the far west end of O'ahu. This is the stretch of sandy beach that starts from the west where the Farrington Highway ends and runs east to the YMCA Camp Erdman.

The west end of the beach gets pretty rocky and as you hike further west, to the Ka'ena Point Trail - North Shore it gets even more rocky.

You can actually hike the Ka'ena point trail around the point of the island where it will then connect to the other side of Ka'ena Point (and the Ka'ena Point Trail - West Shore) at Keawa'ula Beach (Yokohama Beach) but there is no road connecting the two sides here. Not even a 4x4 is making that trip. Meaning, if you hike around the point you'll either need to hike back or have someday make the hour and a half drive down and then back up to the west side of the island.

The sandy beach further east, near the [AID:23971 area, is a better bet as it will be less rocky and you will have areas you can more easily enter the water. This is a really nice area and hardly gets used at all, even on weekends, because it's a long drive to get out here and there really isn't much else going on out here. With that said, there also aren't any facilities out here either.

The water here is always a really nice shade of blue but in the winter time the waves might be pounding here so stay out if that is the case. Also note that there are no lifeguards at Camp Harold Erdman Beach.

As for that YMCA Camp Erdman location, you might recognize the buildings on the mauka (mountain) side of the road as they are from the TV series Lost and were used as the "others" village. There's even a nice little DHARMA Initiative photo opportunity for Lost fans.