What To Do When It Rains In Hawaii

What To Do When It Rains In Hawaii
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Don't let a little rain ruin your Hawaiian vacation. There's plenty to do in Hawaii even if it's raining.

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Rainy Day Activities: Maui
The Hawaiian Islands are a tropical place and with that comes tropical weather and rain. If you're planning a trip to the islands be sure to read Hawaii Weather and if you're moving to Hawaii you'll also want to read Hawaii Living: Weather.

The bottom line is that it's almost always raining somewhere in Hawaii and if that becomes an issue you can often drive away from the rain or simply find something to do while it continues to rain. We have Rainy Day Activity Guides for each of the main islands below...

Rainy Day Activities: Oahu

Rainy Day Activities: Maui

Rainy Day Activities: Kauai

Rainy Day Activities: Big Island

Rainy Day Activities: Lanai

Rainy Day Activities: Molokai