Top 10 Smart Choices In Hawaii

Top 10 Smart Choices In Hawaii
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Here are the top 10 smartest things to do for your Hawaii vacation.

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1: Learn & Plan

Before you ever get on a plane you need to learn, plan, learn, and plan some more. You don't have to have every single minute of your day scheduled ahead of time, and in fact we suggest avoid that scenario. But you should take time to learn about Hawaii and what it has to offer so you can make the most of your time here. Read our Hawaii Travel Itineraries, our informational articles, and use our free Hawaii Travel Planner which works on any computer and smartphone without an app!

2: Pack What Matters

Watch what you pack and don't overpack with clothes you won't need. Hawaii Weather is pretty much warm all year round in most places, though there are exceptions as it actually does Snow In Hawaii. Most people spend their time at the beach and outdoors for the majority of their trip. With that in mind, pack several swimsuits as you'll want to be wearing them as your clothes or under your clothes daily. More at: Packing Tips

3: Embrace The Aloha

From the moment you exit your plane and feel the warm, humid Hawaiian air filling your lungs you need to embrace the Aloha Spirit. Afterall, Aloha is what defines what Hawaii is all about. Slow down, relax, and breathe it all in as your Hawaiian vacation is just getting started. More at: Aloha Spirit

4: Buy Local

Finding a grocery store or a Costo is a great way to save money on food during your trip versus always dining out. But first see if there is a local Farmer's Market and purchase fruits and vegetables from them first. Not only is this a great way to support local farms and small businesses, but it's also a great way to get some of the freshest and tastiest fruits and veggies you've ever had. More at: Farmer's Market

5: Experience A Hawaiian Sunrise

Think you've seen a sunrise before? Think again as nothing compares to a sunrise in Hawaii. Sure, if you're on Maui you could head up to Haleakala National Park (and we recommend you do) but you can watch a sunrise from so many places on each island and still be blown away. Head towards a beach on your island's east coast while it's still dark and get ready for the show. We suggest doing this on Day #2 (your first full day) since you'll have a time advantage on your side which makes getting up early much easier. More at: Hawaii Travel Itineraries

6: Start Your Day With An Acai Bowl

Acai is something you'll see a lot of in Hawaii. So what is it? Acai is a berry and a superfood with a variety of health benefits. But forget all of that and prepare your tastebuds for deliciousness. Oh, and if you don't want to sound like a tourist when you order it make sure you pronounce Acai as "ah-sah-ee". More at: Acai Bowls

7: Find Hawaii's Best Beaches

You came to the Hawaiian Islands for the beaches so don't you want to experience the best beaches Hawaii has to offer? Of course you do, so don't settle for the one right outside of your hotel. Go find Hawaii's Best Beaches instead! And while you're at it, you'll also want to find some of Hawaii's Top Hidden & Secret Hawaii Beaches too.'s a secret! More at: Hawaii's Best Beaches

8: Find Hawaii's Best Snorkeling Spots

Don't just hang out on the sand or above the waterline, make sure you take a peek at what is swimming under Hawaii's oceans too. Never snorkeled before? The first read How To Snorkel and consider booking a snorkeling tour so the professionals can keep you safe. And then get the answer to this popular question: Should I Bring My Own Snorkel Gear To Hawaii? Sharks got you freaked out? Read Shark Attacks In Hawaii for more on that. More at: Best Snorkeling Beaches In Hawaii

9: Avoid Traffic

While Hawaii may seem like a paradise, it's not all rainbows and cotton-candy-farting-unicorns (at least not all the time). We have our share of problems too and one of the big ones is traffic. Without a doubt, Oahu has the worst traffic in the Hawaiian Island chain but Maui and Kauai aren't that far behind and the Big Island will follow eventually. Don't like traffic? Then consider Lanai or Molokai where it doesn't exist. Otherwise, plan your day around peak rush hour times. If you end up in traffic, and you will, remember that Aloha Spirit we talked about earlier and don't drive like a mainlander as we mention in the #3 spot of Top 8 Things Not To Do In Hawaii. More at: Hawaii Living: Pests & Traffic

10: Don't Take Hawaii Home

It happens all the time, somebody takes home Lava Rock & Sand Souvenirs and then instantly get hit with a bunch of so called "bad luck". Many end up mailing their stolen souvenirs back to Hawaii in hopes of making that bad luck go away. Sound like the plot of a Brady Bunch episode? Well it's a common occurrence in real life too. We get it, that black sand is really neat and that green sand is even more special. But it belongs here in Hawaii, not in a drawer in your home. It's actually illegal to take home rocks and minerals from any U.S. National Parks. Besides, do you really want to experience the wrath of Pele - The Volcano Goddess? Instead, take Hawaii home with a Made In Hawaii souvenir.