Top 10 Reasons We're Lucky We Live Hawaii

Top 10 Reasons We're Lucky We Live Hawaii
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Find out why Hawaii living is so special and why we're lucky we live Hawaii.

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You've probably heard or read the phrase "lucky we live Hawaii" or seen the ubiquitous hashtag #luckywelivehawaii on social media sites. If you've vacationed in Hawaii you've probably even spotted some of the reasons why it's such a popular saying with residents of Hawaii.

So let's go over the top 10 reasons why those of us who live in Hawaii are so "lucky we live Hawaii" and maybe it will inspire you to live your dreams in Hawaii as well. Of course, if Hawaii living is on your mind you'll want to check out our in depth how-to article on moving to and living in Hawaii: Hawaii Living: Getting Started.

1: Aloha Spirit

You simply cannot deny how powerful and important the Aloha Spirit is in Hawaii and to the Hawaiian people. This attitude of friendly acceptance defines the very foundation of all that Hawaii is. More at: Aloha Spirit

2: Hawaii Weather

Anybody that lives in a place where it snows understands the desire for a year round, warm weather climate. Well that's life in Hawaii! We love waking up to warm temperatures and sunny days that allow us to live an outdoor lifestyle. But it goes beyond that. There is a smell to Hawaii that's tough to place. One part plumeria, two parts ocean mist, three parts aloha maybe. Those who step off a plane in Hawaii instantly feel it. More at: Hawaii Weather

3: The Beach

Long stretches of perfect sand with clear, blue waters. It's one of the biggest reasons we live in Hawaii and one of the biggest reasons people vacation here. It's a no brainer, everyone loves the beach! More at: Hawaii's Beaches

4: Surfing

Hawaii is home to world class surfing spots and beaches so it's no wonder that so many residents live to surf. Best of all, you don't have to be a master of big wave surfing to enjoy this sport since the islands have many surfing beaches that are perfect for beginners. More at: Surfing Beaches

5: Snorkeling

The only thing better than catching the perfect wave is relaxing underneath the waves and exploring all of the amazing marine life found around the islands. Never snorkeled before? Then be sure to read How To Snorkel. We've also answered the common question travelers ask, Should I Bring My Own Snorkel Gear To Hawaii? Prefer to stay dry while viewing sea creatures? Then visit the Waikiki Aquarium or Maui Ocean Center. More at: Best Snorkeling Beaches In Hawaii

6: Island Hopping

People who are planning travel to the Hawaiian Islands often as Which Hawaiian Island Should I Visit? as well as How Many Islands Should I Visit? But when you live in Hawaii the answer to both is "all of them"! Island hopper flights are relatively inexpensive and short trips so flying to another island can be done on weekends. More at: Hawaii Travel Itineraries

7: Unbeatable Sunrises

Get up early in Hawaii and you'll be rewarded with incredible and unbeatable sunrise views. Make sure you do it at least once when you visit the islands and you'll understand why.

8: Unbeatable Sunsets

The only thing more amazing than those unbeatable Hawaiian sunrises just may be a Hawaiian sunset. You'll be amazed as the sky gets painted with colors you won't see in your Crayola mega pack. Who knows, you may even witness the elusive Green Flash if you're lucky.

9:The Melting Pot Of Cuisine

Hawaii is a true melting pot of cuisines from all over the world and it goes way beyond poi and shave ice. There is a lot of Asian influence in Hawaii, and that translates into some incredible food that we love. More at: Top Must Try Hawaii Foods

10:The Melting Pot Of Culture

Did you know that Hawaii is home to the only royal palace in the United States and you can even take a tour inside? Those that live here tend to really dive into the rich history and culture of the islands. Sure beats Anywhere, USA with a place to cash checks on one corner and a nail spa on the other, doesn't it? More at: Hawaii Museums Guide