Hawaii Museums Guide

Hawaii Museums Guide
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Complete guide to Hawaii museums on each of the Hawaiian island.

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The word "museum" is defined as "a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited." That doesn't mean a museum has to be some dusty, old, boring place that only the most hard-core history buff can enjoy. Hawaii is filled with museums so let's go over some of the top picks to cover all sorts of interests, even those for the hard-core history buff.

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Oahu Museums Guide

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Kauai Museums Guide

Lanai island and Molokai island don't have enough museums to for us to write separate guides on, but the do each have a museum worth visiting. On the island of Lanai you'll want to check out the Lanai Culture & Heritage Center. On the island of Molokai be sure to visit the Molokai Museum and Cultural Center.