Best Easy Hikes On Oahu, Hawaii

Best Easy Hikes on Oahu, Hawaii
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Looking for an easy hike on the island of Oahu?

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Diamond Head Summit Trail

Hands down, the most popular hike on Oahu. It will cost you five bucks to park in the parking lot, but many people park down the road at Kapiolani Community College. If you arrive after 10pm, you will probably have to wait for a spot to open up. As with most hikes, it's best to get going early. The trail is paved, with little shade so wear sunscreen and bring water. It's starts of gradually, then gets steeper as you go on. There are support rails and steep set of steps that will take you to the summit. Arguably one of the best coastline views in Hawaii. Vistas from Ewa Beach to Hawaii Kai are breathtaking on clear days. It can be also be windy at the summit, so be careful not to let your hat blow away. More at: Diamond Head Summit Trail

Lanikai Pillbox Hike / Kaiwa Ridge Trail

This is a trail is located in the Lanikai neighborhood of Kailua. It's a relatively easy hike, with an awe-inspiring view of ocean. The hike is very popular, and written up in most of the tour books. But it's really fun hike for the family. The trail is a little crumbly, so so you might want to wear hiking shoes, although plenty of people go in slippers and sneakers. At the top of the hill is a set of WWII pillbox bunkers. You can see Rabbit Island off in the distance surrounded by the lovely turquoise water. Well worth the effort to see such an amazing view. Depending upon your fitness, it should take about 20 - 30 minutes to reach the first pillbox, Go early to avoid crowds. Sometimes tour groups will dominate the trail. More at: Lanikai Pillbox Hike / Kaiwa Ridge Trail

Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail

Another great trail with splendid views overlooking the ocean of East Oahu. The trail recently underwent renovations to make the trail safer hand rails. The hike is exposed to the sun without trees for cover or shade. The path is relatively easy, but it is all uphill. Take it slow, and bring some water. Go early to avoid midday sun intensity. The Makapu'u Lighthouse is at the top of the trail, but isn't accessible for hikers. An easy, but enjoyable trail for novice hikers. More at: Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail

Ka'ena Point Trail - North Shore

This hike can be accomplished from either the Waianae side of west Oahu or from the North Shore. Either way leads to the most westerly point of Oahu. The North Shore Kaena Point hike is flat and exposed with no shade, but with beautiful views of the rugged North-West Oahu coastline. The area is a nature reserve, protecting the endangered albatross. The trail toward the end is roped on each side to prevent hikers from disturbing the nesting birds. There is a bunker decorated with graffiti, and usually a monk seal or two can be seen be kicking back on the beach. The monk seals are also a protected species in Hawaii, with only 1,000 left in the wild.
More at: Ka'ena Point Trail - North Shore

Waimano Falls / Manana Trail

This trail is more of an easy/moderate one. The trail ultimately leads to a waterfall after an hour long hike. The waterfall is most fun when there have been recent rainfalls, although I wouldn't recommend hiking this trail during the rain. The trail itself is shaded and offers cover. Unlike the other hikes mentioned, the Manana Trail is far away from the ocean, so it's more of a vegetative experience. Some of the sections are little steep, but not unmanageable. Hiking shoes are a must, and be very careful if it's muddy or you'll slip on your bum. The waterfall has a ledge that surround it and many adventurous type will make the 15 ft jump into the pool below.
More at: Waimano Falls / Manana Trail

Pu'u Ohia Trail

This loop trail is less than 1.5 miles round trip. It takes you through a bamboo forest with tons of tropical plants and rewards you amazing views.