Grand Wailea A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Phone (808) 875-1234
4.5 stars from 8 reviews
Address 3850 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea, HI 96753
One of the best pool areas in any hotel we've ever seen.

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• Building: Lanai / Balcony • Building: Rooms Open To Outside
• Property: Business Center • Property: Dining On Site
• Property: Fitness Room • Property: Laundry On Site
• Property: Stores On Site • Room: Coffee Maker
• Room: Hair Dryer • Room: Mini Fridge
• Room: Safe • Recreation: Gear Rentals
• Recreation: Hot Tub • Recreation: Kids Club
• Recreation: Pool • Recreation: Water Park
• Recreation: Water Slides • Internet: Free In Room
• Parking: Paid Valet

Full Description
The Grand Wailea A Waldorf Astoria Resort is the very definition of grand as it sits on a 40 acres of oceanfront land right on Wailea Beach Park. The ultra high end city of Wailea in Maui is about as good as it gets so the Grand Wailea fits in perfectly here.

The Pool

You can easily spend days here and never leave the resort because it is such a big property with plenty of on-site restaurants, the awesome Wailea Beach Park right outside, and an amazing pool area that is reason enough to stay here.

The pool area is really a water park with many different connected pools. There is an adults only if you want to relax a bit, but you'll likely spend most of your time at the Wailea Canyon Activity Pool. The Wailea Canyon is made up of several smaller pools that are all at different elevations and connected to each other via short water slides, a river rapids section, a white water slide, and a lazy river. There are waterfalls, a swim up bar, cabanas, a sand bottom area, rope swing to jump from, and much more.

Kids and adults alike can spend hours and hours just swimming through the pools and working their way from top to bottom over and over again. There are also a few really tall water slides to enjoy as well.

This is also home to the worlds only water elevator. It's an odd device and those who don't like enclosed spaces, especially those filling with water, may want to avoid using this. It works like this, you start in the lower pool and enter a door that leads to a cave like area (essentially a cylindrical vertical shaft which is open at the top). Inside is a giant and very sturdy raft, a round pontoon boat essentially, that can hold 20 or so people. They'll close the door and the cave / shaft will fill with water via waterfalls above and you'll get soaked along the way. As the shaft fills the raft floats to the top, about 1 story up.

It doesn't take long, maybe a minute or two, and then you'll walk out (still in water) at the top where you can access the upper pools and slides. Kids will love it.

Poolside service is available for food and drinks and cabanas are available for rent as well.

The Rooms

The Grand Wailea offers all sorts of rooms to fit most needs. Expect to pay around $25 per night for the resort fee which includes things like 2 bottles of water, unlimited local calls, coffee and tea in your room, an in room safe, a mini refrigerator, and free internet access.

If you really appreciate convenience and want to splurge a little, book a concierge level room at The Grand Wailea. These special rooms include access to the a lounge area as well as a exclusive business center area. The lounge area offers a complimentary breakfast each morning, tea and cookies during the day, and pupus and cocktails in the evening. The cocktails are free but tips are expected. There is a lot of convenience here, especially for the morning breakfast.


There is plenty to do at the Grand Wailea. In addition to the massive water park, you'll be able to rent gear for snorkeling, kayaking, or learn how to scuba dive in their controlled dive pool.

Of course, you're just a few steps away from the amazing Wailea Beach Park as well so you'll probably be spending a good amount of your time at the beach.

There is even the Fishpipe which is a large hamster ball device that you get in along with a few gallons of water while it spins around. Fun for some, absolute terror for others.

Teens have there own lounge call The Spot, and smaller kids will love the Camp Grande. We tried the dinner camp which runs around $95 per kid for a 5 hour session where they get to play, do activities, watch movies, play games, and even get dinner and snacks included.


There are some onsite dining options beyond the poolside dining we mentioned earlier, including the fun to say Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, Bistro Molokini, Cafe Kula, Volcano Grill & Bar, and more.

The onsite market (Cafe Kula) is also a quick serve food option and is probably the best value if you don't want to leave the property.


The parking situation at the Grand Wailea is all valet so expect to pay around $30 per day to use the valet parking service, plus tips.

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The utmost in luxury. This is an absolute must at least once. It is expensive - honest truth. But strongly suggest going at least once. The accommodations are beautiful, service impeccable - pools - oh my gosh - endless pools, features and fun. Poolside service which is always welcome and lovely - food, beverages. Even the people who clean your room - I had an experience this year where I had to go back to room to do a little work, was not happy as I wanted to be with my family and the cleaning person was there and talking to me, and knew I was upset. When I returned later there was a bottle of wine and a card saying she hoped the rest of my vacation would be peaceful and wonderful. CLASS act. Thank you Grand Wailea.
Jan E
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Beautiful property and spectacular sunsets. Fun pools and slides, water elevator, sandy beach entrance into kiddy pool and rope swing. Adult only pool. Get married on property in the beautiful chapel or on the grounds. Great ocean view rooms.
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Friends of ours stayed here for the honeymoon and we popped in to see them and WOW!!!! This is the most gorgeous hotel I have seen! Pools to die for and the rooms omg! Beautiful and clean! I hope to stay here one day and I recommend this place to anyone just simply beautiful! Check out the Grand Wailea A Waldorf Astoria Resort!
Rosemarie Q
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Had a fantastic time, place is incredible. Pools are unbelievable, rooms were beautiful and very clean. Definitely go to a luau on site. Might be expensive but it's worth every penny.
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I love staying at the Grand Wailea! The rooms are a good size and the bathrooms are huge. The rooms and bathrooms are a little dated and could use a seriously good deep cleaning. They are not dirty, just dated. The water park area is so much fun for adults and kids! If you spend all day here you could spend a lot of money to do so. I would suggest bringing your own snacks and water.
Matt A
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The Grand Wailea Resort is just that, Grand. The property is just flat out enormous and amazing to see in person. For many, it's all about the pool area and it's an amazing pool area that is easily the best in all of Maui. Sure, the water elevator is more gimmick than fun but kids will still love it. Everything else about the pool area screams amazing all day long. In fact, I can't believe more resorts don't look at the success here and copy it.

Cabanas are available for ridiculous prices. There are a fair amount of free pool chairs to use but they go really early in the morning because many rude guests will come out hours before the pools open and toss their stuff down on them then leave for breakfast and come back to saved chairs. We saw this happening daily and it's too bad there isn't a better system and more chairs to go around. They claim to remove towels from chairs if they aren't used within one hour but we've never actually seen this policy enforced. I don't like this at all.

Poolside service is available for food and drinks but it's both pricey and slow. We've been here many times now and pool service is always slow. Expect to spend $15 for tiny alcoholic drinks, almost $15 for a kids hot dog or grilled cheese meal, and $18 for nachos (which are super tasty). Ridiculous prices all around.

Speaking of prices, unfortunately, the room prices here only range from expensive to really expensive. They'll tack on a ridiculous resort fee that is common at resort hotels these days so that's another $25 per day. They'll insult you by explaining that this fee includes things like 2 bottles of water (only on the day you arrive though!), unlimited local calls in an age where we all use our cell phones, coffee and tea in your room, an in room safe, a mini refrigerator, and free internet access.

Call me crazy but paying $25 per day for things that are standard in even the cheapest motels these days seems a bit over the top. They should either bundle this fee into their advertised rates, as all hotels should. On top of that you'll be forced into paying a $30 per night valet fee (tipping is extra) plus the various taxes. Add it all up and expect to pay at least another $70 per night on top of your room rate and before any Tipping.

Unfortunately, those fees will set the standard on what you should expect everywhere in the Grand Wailea because everything here is expensive. The shops are priced to insane levels and the food at the restaurants is really high.

On our last trip here we decided to splurge and upgraded to a concierge level (sometimes called club level at other resorts) room in the Napua Tower for an additional $140 per night. That's a lot of extra money each night but it buys you access to the a lounge area as well as a exclusive business center area. The real reason you're paying for concierge level is for the lounge area which offers a complimentary breakfast each morning, tea and cookies during the day, and pupus and cocktails in the evening. Yes, the cocktails are free but tips are expected. There is a lot of convenience here, especially for the morning breakfast.

Of course, you don't upgrade to concierge level to make financial sense. Even if you're a heavy drinker, you would need to quickly down a lot of cocktails for the evening service to avoid being in the red! The food options are average at best, and often sub-par. Everything I ate here over several days tasted like bad buffet food. Hot stuff was warm at best, room temperature more often. Cold stuff was always room temperature.

People flock here like it's the last supper and grab up everything they can and I would often find myself waiting for the staff to refill the goods so I could try some too. Everything looks and feels like it has been touched by everyone and their kids. Sadly, this is how most concierge levels often are and thus this one was truly par for the course. At least the staff in here was very nice, nothing but good things to say about them all.

This was the crowning jewel for our kids was Camp Grande and they would have gone back daily if given the option. If you have kids, make sure they get a chance to check out Camp Grande.

So, is it worth staying at the Grand Wailea on your trip to Maui? If you are on a tight budget then this place will break it quickly so your best bet is to start at another hotel and then spend the last few days here to enjoy the pool area. Of course, these insanely high prices might be one thing if the resort area and rooms were truly high end but the place feels a bit run down, though better than it was on our last visit a year ago. Tiles on the pools and slides were still falling off, large cracks in cement and rock work were all over, and the list goes on. Our room this time, while not sparkling, was in pretty good shape overall and mostly clean (bathroom grout wasn't ideal in places).

I just find it hard to recommend this place for long stays since because it is so expensive and when you are paying that kind of money you really do want to stay on property and then you don't see much of the island. When you stay on property for days on end you can't help but spend a ton of money on food and drinks. It's a vicious cycle, but a really fun one at least!
Tom T
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A once great palace is showing it's age. The Grand Wailea is the Las Vegas MGM Grand of Hotels in Hawaii. An over the top resort with beautiful pools, lush landscaping, and good restaurants and bars. But the Grand Wailea reminds me of the aging hotels around the world that are just too big to maintain because the small blemishes are starting to show.
Nikki H
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This used to be a five-star resort for me and we'd come here for a couple of nights each year. Over the last several years the place just doesn't feel as special as it used to. Almost like it's falling apart. It's not falling apart, but like the beginning stages of that where more maintenance is needed. Prices seem to keep going up but I'm not seeing that money going back into the resort like I feel I should.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Grand Wailea and it has the best pool area in all of Maui, but I feel like it lost some of its polish.
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