Puako Beach

Phone (808) 323-4322
3 stars from 2 reviews
Address Puako Beach Dr, Waimea, HI 96743
A long, narrow white sand beach.

• Type: Protected From Open Ocean • Type: Shady
• Type: Tide Pools • Sand Type: White
• Parking: Street only • Good For: Snorkeling
• Good For: Turtle Sightings

Matt Anderson's Take
Puako Beach is located at Puako Bay and is a white sand beach that is fairly well protected from the open ocean by a large offshore reef. The reef can create some good snorkeling close to it while in others the waters might be a little on the cloudy side. If it's windy expect the water to be a little on the rough and choppy side.

Parking here is limited to whatever you can find on the street, without parking on somebody's personal property or blocking access to their driveways. You will find a few spots to access the beach, and if you look at our map pinpoint you'll find that it's inline with one of the easier to find shoreline access areas.

This isn't a beach too many people drive out to use so it will primarily be used by locals who live in the area. You're actually close to much better beaches so if this isn't to your liking just drive a bit further to Waialea Bay (Beach 69) or Hapuna Beach State Park instead.
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Matt Anderson
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Tom T
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This beach is located in a residential neighborhood with a shoreline access. There are homes directly behind the beach. If I lived here, it would be great to enjoy the views. But as a visitor, this beach is best for fishing, or maybe kayaking. It's not a place to lay out on the sand or play on the beach because it's a mix of sand and rock.

However, it is beautiful in its own right. The beach is narrow, and curves is a sort of crescent. Since people enjoy fishing here, I noticed an information sign about protecting the coral reef. This, of course, is a good idea to remind fisherman of how fragile the coral reefs are in Hawaii.

I would encourage people to preserve this coral reef and look for other beaches to visit. This one is not that exciting, folks. Unless you live here. Then it's awesome.
Matt A
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Pretty average overall. If you live here then you're loving this beach because, well, you live on a beach. If you're visiting, this isn't a beach you're likely to head to when there are other, better beaches nearby.
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