Kaheka Beach (Baby Beach)

Kaheka Beach (Baby Beach)
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Address Hoona Rd, Koloa, HI 96756
Small beach. Protected from the open ocean. Shallow, warm waters. Perfect for kids.

• Type: Kid Friendly • Type: Protected From Open Ocean • Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Street only

Kaheka Beach has many names. It might be referred to as Ho'ona Beach, since it is on Ho'ona Road but the more common name is Baby Beach since it can be great for kids. Whatever you want to call it, you'll find it in the Koloa area on the south shore of Kaua'i.

This beach is pretty small but it's well protected from the open ocean. While there are some sandy bottom areas in the water, as soon as you venture out a bit the bottom is covered in lava rock so water shoes are a good idea here.

The only shade you'll find here is from the tree on the west side, everywhere else will be in the sun and will get hot. The only upside is that the water is shallow in here so the water tends to be warm as well which is another reason it's good for kids.

Just remember, there are no facilities here. That means no bathrooms (so maybe not so great for kids) and no lifeguards so keep a close eye on the kids at all times.

The beach is backed by some houses and has a very private feel to it. Parking here is on Hoona Road, street parking only. The access path is easy to find, follow our pin point towards the road and you've found it. It's between the homes at #5142 and #5152.