Battleship Missouri Memorial

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Phone (877) 644-4896
Address 63 Cowpens St, Honolulu, HI 96818
The Battleship Missouri Memorial was launched in 1944 and is the last battleship ever built. Today's it's a museum that you can tour.

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The Battleship Missouri Memorial is located at Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial on the island of O'ahu. The USS Missouri was launched back on January 29, 1944 and is the last battleship ever built. The ship has two elevators so those in wheelchairs will be able to get up to the Main Deck area and access the museum as well as take another elevator to access the Surrender Deck.

To get here, you'll enter the main entrance to Pearl Harbor, buy tickets, and then board a shuttle bus which is located behind the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park (look for the Navy rockets and the bus stop will be to the right). The bus will take you across the bridge to Ford Island where the ship is moored.

Tickets to board the Battleship Missouri, or "Mighty Mo" as it's called, come in a few different packages, and apparently anyone 13 or older is considered an adult when it comes to ticket prices:

Mighty Mo Pass

Ticket price for general admission to the Might Mo is $25 per adult and $13 for kids 4-12. This will include your choice of taking a guided tour (35 minutes), an audio tour (120 minutes), a video tour (60-90 minutes), or a self guided tour.

Heart Of The Missouri Tour

This is a more in-depth guided tour that really lets you get all around the ship while learning about the history of the ship as well as how the various bits of it function. You'll get some hands on time with the buttons and knobs as well. Adult tickets are $50 and kid tickets are $25 ages 10-12.

Passport To Pearl Harbor

For $65 per adult and $35 per kid 4-12 you'll get the passport tickets which give you the Mighty Mo Pass options listed above as well as access to the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor and the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park.

The Experience

Once aboard the massive ship you'll be able to join one of the guided tours or just walk around on your own. If you're interested in the details and history you may get the most out of the tour while others will prefer to explore on their own and at their own pace rather than being stuck with a big group of people.

You'll be surprised at just how large this thing is! Even with many portions of the ship that you are not allowed to go into there is still a ton of walking you'll do here. It's not claustrophobic like the Bowfin is (see USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park), but there are plenty of places with steep stairs and plenty of hatches you walk through that require stepping over so you'll want to be comfortable walking around and climbing ladder like stairs.

You'll get a very good idea of what ship life was like back in the WWII days (without the all the bad bits of course) and it's really fun to explore but the fun may not last long for everyone. Pretty quick you realize that every room you walk into is just more of the same. Kitchen, dining hall, sleeping bunks, office rooms. Rinse, repeat.

The upper decks are neat to see as is the Surrender Deck where the Japanese signed the official surrender documents. The big guns are impressive up close. If you love this kind of stuff you could probably spend hours here, for everyone else...well, not so much.

Should you bring kids? If your kids don't mind a lot of walking and love military stuff like this I'm sure they'll have fun if you keep it under an hour. What I saw constantly were kids doing the usual "Come on mom, you said we were done 30 minutes ago" and "Dad, I'm hungry, can we go yet" and on and on.

If you get hungry or need a snack for the kids you'll be able to order up some eats from Sliders Grill or Wai Momi Shave Ice which are located right near the entrance to the ship.