Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor

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Two hangers filled with WWII-era military aircraft.

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Full Description
The Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor is located on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial. Start at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center where you can buy your tickets (or buy online for a discount). From there you'll head to a bus that will take you to the museum.

The museum consists of two hangers. The first hanger is air conditioned and contains several aviation related exhibits. There's quite a bit to see and enjoy here.

They also offer a video-game-style simulator experience. In fact, you've likely seen the ads for it in the various fliers around Oahu. This experience costs extra but you can download a free coupon from the museum website so should be fun to try.

After the main hanger you walk to a second hanger. This one is pretty much untouched from WWII. It still has bullet holes from the Pearl Harbor attack! This hanger has several more planes in it. On our visit it had a "traveling exhibit" which was just some old WWII photos printed on large vinyl.

What was mind blowing was meeting an actual veteran, Dick, who was at the museum on the day we toured. Dick was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. He answered questions and told us stories that reminded me just how good we have it today. That was mind blowing. Unfortunately, people like Dick may or may not be there when you visit. If they are, be sure to stop by and listen to their amazing stories.

The museum costs $25 for adults and $12 for kids (4-12). Add $10 if you want a guided tour. For those not into history and military aviation, well, you may get a little bored. Still, there is something cool about standing next to some of these incredible machines. Hearing Dick talk for even 20 minutes probably made the visit worth it since that's a pretty neat experience all by itself.

If you're hungry while here stop at the Laniakea Cafe for a quick bite. There's also a gift shop here, and your kids will see it.

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OMG! This is so amazing. Being a World War II history buff, I found this very interesting. It was so amazing seeing all the artifacts and reading the stories that come along with them. However, what was the coolest, was outside the museum were three veterans that served at Pearl Harbor. I could have stayed there all day listening to their stories.
Nicole L
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Not impressed at all. Good place to go to cool off for a minute or two.
Matt A
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I really enjoy aircraft stuff, especially war planes and such, and found this to be a fun place to tour. There is a lot to see and enjoy if you're an aviation buff. Kids are certain to enjoy seeing these massive planes up close and in person as well.

The problem here is that the exhibits are all pretty much the same, a plane. I understand that it's an aircraft museum but I was hoping for a bit more somehow. Maybe more interaction, more lively exhibits. It's neat that they offer simulators you can (virtually) fly around in but the graphics look dated, older than an Xbox 360.
Tom T
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For the military enthusiast who crave a bit of World War II aviation history, the Pacific Aviation Museum is a perfect addition to your day at Pearl Harbor. We boarded a bus that took us onto Ford Island where in addition to military housing, exists the USS Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum. There are two large hangars with World War II artifacts and airplane exhibits.

I had the privilege of meeting with a Pearl Harbor attack survivor, who was very lucid and candid about his experience. I've been to other aviation museums, but the opportunity to chat with one of the few survivors of Pearl Harbor was a real treat.

The museum is very well done, and the exhibits are interesting and relevant. It's not as "heavy" or somber as the USS Arizona Memorial. I'd recommend the Pacific Aviation Museum to enthusiast who love World War II aviation history.
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