Lydgate Beach Park

4.5 stars from 12 reviews
Address 4470 Nalu Rd, Kapaa, HI 96746
Family friendly beach with playgrounds, picnic tables, and two protected ocean pools.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: BBQ Grills
• Facilities: Camping • Facilities: Grassy Area
• Facilities: Lifeguard • Facilities: Picnic Tables
• Facilities: Playground Equipment • Facilities: Showers
• Facilities: Sports Field • Type: Kid Friendly
• Type: Protected From Open Ocean • Type: Shady
• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Good / Plenty
• Good For: Snorkeling

Full Description
Lydgate Beach Park is a well maintained beach park found in the Kapaa area on the east shore of Kaua'i. It's very much a family beach so expect families and kids here. On the weekends it will really pack them in too, but you can move away from the protected pools if you want some peace and quiet.

Those protected pools are what make this place so special. It's one very large man made pool in the ocean with a stone wall to keep any major wave action out (but it's not watertight so the water filters in and out just fine). Inside of that big pool is a second pool that's even more calm and perfect for small kids.

Not only does this beach have full facilities with bathrooms, showers, picnic tables, and a lifeguard, but it also has large grassy areas and two amazing parks. In fact, we've made separate articles just for the parks. If you have kids, they'll love playing at Lydgate Kamalani Park I which has slides and stuff to climb on and is located just behind the protected ocean pool area (other side of the parking lot).

hen, be sure you also take them to nearby Lydgate Kamalani Park II which is a massive fort type structure with slides, bridges, and more stuff to climb on. It's a pretty amazing play area.

Behind that is the Aston Aloha Beach Hotel so guests staying there will have easy access to this excellent beach.

Dorothy A
Joined: Jan 2018
Reviews: 35
Likes Received: 1
Very calm waters here with virtually no waves so perfect for smaller children. Also has a lot of parking which is nice.
Sue E
Joined: Oct 2016
Reviews: 27
Likes Received: 3
The sand is amazing
Justine H
Joined: Jun 2016
Reviews: 14
Likes Received: 6
One of our favorite beaches to take the kids in Kauai! We usually stay in Princeville but drive here at least once or twice in the week to spend the day. Calm, protected coves for the little ones, soft golden sand, shady areas so you're not sitting in the sun all day even without an umbrella, pavilions and bathroom facilities, and if the kids have had enough of the beach, the grassy park area with the most amazing Kamalani playground wooden fort-like structure is just across the parking lot.

It's a popular beach/park, which means the kids always have playmates, which if your kids are anything like mine, mean it's more entertaining for them and keeps them occupied longer. Highly recommend if you have toddlers and school aged kids, and also great for the rest of the family, or even those without kids.
Carol L
Joined: Jun 2016
Reviews: 1
Likes Received: 0
This park is great when on vacation BECAUSE: Easy location, plenty of parking, beauty, super fun to snorkel, lovely variety of fish, calm, protected waters, a lifeguard, and facilities. You don't want to be stuck driving for an hour only to find no parking, this place offers convenience, beauty, and recreation.
rachel m
Joined: Aug 2014
Reviews: 229
Likes Received: 19
This beach is great for the whole family. We love the protected kid's beach! It perfect for my 2-year-old and my 8-year-old to both have a good time. And my husband can even fish at the beach right next to the covered swim area, so there really is something for all. There are lots of picnic benches and pavilions. You can often find local families having birthday parties here on the weekends. There are public restrooms and showers. And If you get tired of the beach there is an awesome park right across the parking lot.
Annette W
Joined: Apr 2016
Reviews: 32
Likes Received: 3
I like that it is close to the airport and the water is calm enough to enjoy yourself.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
Reviews: 803
Likes Received: 111
Lydgate Beach Park is a pretty awesome beach. My first experience here was good but not great and I didn't spend much time here and didn't see what the fuss was all about. Then I came back with my kids and spent a day here and it all made sense. It's incredibly well protected from waves so it stays quite calm almost all the time. If you don't have kids, I don't think I'd really recommend this one as much (or at all) but if you do have kids you should check it out.
Joined: Jul 2013
Reviews: 384
Likes Received: 14
I love bringing my kids here. The water is shallow enough that they can play safely. Plus it's easy for them to snorkel with me.
sabrina r
Joined: Mar 2016
Reviews: 13
Likes Received: 0
Great for families with children. Not sure I would head here if I did not have any children but would if I was spending the day alone! Has restroom and shower facilities and a great park for the kids once they have had enough of swimming. Great for snorkelling.
Tracy M
Joined: Feb 2016
Reviews: 57
Likes Received: 6
Lydgate is a wonderful beach for families and couples alike. It is a very nice place for picnics and shelling and also has a protected area for snorkeling. We have visited this beach on our last two trips to Kauai and I am sure we will visit it again at the end of the year when we return to Kauai.
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