Waiakalua Beach

Waiakalua Beach
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Address North Waiakalua Road, Kilauea, HI 96754
Only accessible by a steep dirt trail but often empty.

• Type: Shady • Sand Type: Regular • Good For: Snorkeling

Waiakalua Beach is a great hidden beach in the Kilauea area on the north shore of Kaua'i. It requires a steep 10-15 minute walk down a steep trail to reach the beach that's around 150 feet below where you parked.

Speaking of parking, from Kuhio Highway (Hwy 56), turn onto North Waiakalua Road. Just before the end of the road, take the dirt road on the left. Park and take the steep trail on your left that leads to the beach. The trail that heads to the right leads to Pila'a Beach.

That same steep trail that makes this beach difficult to reach for some can also make this a great beach to get away from the crowds.

If you visit during a calm summer day then snorkeling here can be good, but anything beyond a calm ocean and it can get pretty dicey. Even on a calm day note that there are no lifeguards around so if you get in trouble you'll be on your own.

The rocks at the eastern end of the beach actually separate one half of the beach from the other and offer good snorkeling but rip currents make it very dangerous so it's best to stay away unless you know what you're doing.

Chances are good this place will be empty or close to it so it's a fun place to set up shop for the day and just hang out. The eastern end often has a freshwater stream but don't drink the water unless you have some way to filter it as all fresh water streams on all islands carry the risk of Leptospirosis.