Halawa Valley / Halawa Beach Park

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Address End of Hwy 450, Kaunakakai, HI 96748
A relatively easy 2 mile hike through a tropical forest leading to a 250 foot waterfall.

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Full Description
Halawa Valley is located about 20 miles from Kaunakakai on the island of Moloka'i. The road is twisty, windy, and parts of it are a single lane. It is a beautiful drive along the rugged coastline on the last few miles.

Parts of the road are next to a steep cliff with no guard rail - drive carefully. Now we are getting into remote parts of Hawaii. I'm sure that's why you traveled to Moloka'i.

As you approach Halawa Valley, the beach at the base of the valley is mostly rocky but there are some patches of sand on the inner part of the cove. You might even see surfers riding waves here.

Behind the ocean is the Halawa Valley, where you can take a guided tour to the Moa'ula Waterfall. Note that the hiking trail is no longer open to the public without a paid guide.

There are several local guides, some better than others, who will share the stories and history of the area on your hike. The guided hikes usually cost about $75 per couple. The hike is not difficult and has many interesting petroglyphs and there several hidden Heiau temples. If you care about time, see if you can go with a small group. Larger groups will slow you way down. Bring bug spray as well as a swimsuit if you want to swim to falls (weather permitting).

Along the way to the waterfall, you'll pass an agricultural area with ponds for cultivating taro. Your guide should share stories about the history of the area and the agricultural practices of the ancient Hawaiians and how the heritage is being preserved.

The 2 mile hike up to Moaula falls is not too difficult, but you may want to wear shoes instead of slippers. The Waterfall is double tiered and about 250 feet high. You can swim in the pool, and some swim out under the waterfall though we never recommend that as rocks (etc) can fall down with the water. Local legend is if you put a ti leaf in the water, and it sinks, then the falls do not want visitors in the water.

Tom T
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Definitely include Halawa Valley as part of your Molokai experience.
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This review is for the actual beach "park," if you can call it that, and not the Halawa Valley or Hike. My husband and I were told that this beach is considered to be a black sand beach (kind of), so we were excited about seeing this on Molokai, as we have seen black sand beaches on the Big Island and on Kauai. I was very disappointed to see that this is definitely not a beach "park," and that it's hardly a beach. It's more like where a small river/stream meets the ocean and is very murky and dirty looking. This likely could have been due to the rain that the island had that morning (and in fact the cultural hike was closed that day due to risk of flash flooding) but I definitely felt like driving to Halawa was a waste of our time.
laura m
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This was a wonderful treat at the end of a beautiful drive along the east end of the island. There is only a small parking lot, but the beach is not crowded. There's plenty of shade and two different areas to enjoy the water. Great place to take your family for a day or an overnight trip. Play, bodyboard, surf, snorkel or just enjoy the beach. We visited in November 2015 and this is a definite place we will revisit.
Dawn G
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We didn't hike to the waterfall but drove down to the beach park. This was one of our favorite places on all off the islands (we've been to every island but Kaua'i). It was beautiful and not very crowded. There was a river leading into the ocean that you could play in, a fairly protected cove to swim in, or you could go out a little ways and ride some huge waves as we watched some locals do but didn't try ourselves. We ended up spending some time with a local family that loved to tell us all about their island. It made for a great experience. It's a bit of a drive to get here (think the road to Hana) but it was worth it. We had a perfect day and wish we could have spent more time here. We will definitely be back!
Cristelle M
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Guides are useful because some people often get lost and accidents happen (be happy there are no bears or snakes in Hawaii). So even if $75 seems too pricey, it is well worth it if it means less accidents.

The picture shows how beautiful the scenery is. Molokai is the island that is untouched by urban development, so this is basically like a giant garden. If you like refreshing nature scenery, you should try this place.
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