Brigham Young University-Hawaii

Brigham Young University-Hawaii
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Phone (808) 675-3211
Address 55-220 Kulanui St, Laie, HI 96762
College run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

• Service: Schools / Education

The History of Brigham Young University at Hawaii
For those not familiar with the school, it is owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) with the vast majority (around 97%) of the students being members of the LDS Church. So, the Mormon's are running the show here.

The earliest Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-da Saints (Mormons) was first established in 1850. is thought to have been established in the 1850 after the “Edict of Toleration was established by King Kamehameha III, which gave approval for the Hawaii Catholic Church to no longer worship underground. This allowed toleration for other faiths such as the Mormons to become established.

The earliest converts spoke the Hawaiian language and the faith became established within parts of the community. Over the next seventy years, the church further established itself in the Hawaiian Islands by building a temple in Laie. In 1921, David O. McKay, the LDS Church apostle at the time declared that the church would build a school in the area at some point in the future.

It took over thirty years, but the ground was broken in 1954 for the Brigham Young University extension in Hawaii. The first classes took place in the following year to accommodate the growing number of LDS members who were a part of the islands in the Territory of Hawaii. The first classes consisted of 153 students who met in buildings that were constructed during World War II as the University was still being built.

By 1958, the first of several buildings were completed and dedicated at what was then a two-year college. By the following year, the Church College of Hawaii as it was known became a four-year institution and in 1961 was granted a four year accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. During this time, more buildings were constructed along with a cafeteria.

In 1974, the Church College of Hawaii was renamed Brigham Young University at Hawaii and is governed as a satellite campus. The campus itself has grown over the years, providing many services to the region as well as courses for it students.

The campus itself covers about 100 acres across an incredible setting between the beaches and the mountains of the island. Currently, the dormitories or “Hales” of the university located near the south end hold upwards of 1,200 students. There is also housing for married students and the Laie Hawaii Temple is located next to the campus as well. The campus is located near beautiful Hukilau Beach Park and Laie Point State Wayside.

Academic Programs
The academic programs at the university run offer four basic college areas of study along with specialty programs that include the following;
- College of Business, Computing, and Government
- College of Language Culture, and Arts
- College of Human Development
- College of Math and Sciences

Although non-LDS members are accepted to the university, they do pay a higher tuition fee than LDS members. Still, there is no requirement for church attendance and students who wish entry to the university must have a “B” average and an ACT of 26 or an SAT of 1130 or above to qualify for admission. BYU-Hawaii does have a higher percentage of international students than any other four year institution in the US.

Brigham Young University at Hawaii consistently ranks in the top tier of universities in terms of overall value and enjoys a high status as one of the best private universities in the United States. The university also operates the excellent Polynesian Cultural Center which is run by a third of the student body.