Laie Point State Wayside

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Phone (808) 587-0300
Address Naupaka St, Laie, HI 96762
Interesting view of rock bridge. Place to grab some nice photos of the windward side.

• Parking: Poor / Few • Good For: Fishing • Good For: Sunrises

Laie Point is a nice side trip as you're driving along the north shore. You won't be able to see this area from the road. It's off on a side street, and you'll be driving through a local neighborhood to get to there. The parking can be tight, and I'm sure the locals are not happy about that.

Laie Point's proper name is Laie State Wayside Park but it's really not much of park or beach, though it is a pretty area to appreciate. Probably the most recognizable part of Laie Point is the small islet with the puka (hole) in the middle.

That hole was formed in 1946 by a tsunami that created what is now a rock bridge formation. Some daring people take their kayaks out to the island and stack rocks on top of each other. Laie Point is exposed to open ocean and the waters can be rough here.

This area is also known for its fishing. You may see some locals parked out on the point with their trucks. These guys don't mess around – they have big tackle and are fishing for Ahi and Mahimahi.

And if you're really lucky, you might see cliff divers jumping into the ocean here. There are some crazy people that love doing flips off the cliffs but this is advanced stuff so don't try this yourself. This isn't smart and can leave you seriously injured or dead.

Laie Point is just a quiet out of the way area to enjoy Hawaii for it's rugged beauty and breathtaking views of the Windward coastline and cliffs. There is no sandy beach here but it's still a pretty interesting place to check out.