Tantalus And Round Top Hill Drive

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Address Tantalus Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822
Wow, what a great place to take a drive on Oahu! Driving along the various ocean roads is enjoyable but driving up twisty mountain roads is a truly unique experience. Amazing views at Pu'u Ualaka'a State Wayside Park await at the top.

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Wow, what a great place to take a drive on Oahu! Driving along the various ocean roads is enjoyable but driving up twisty mountain roads is a truly unique experience. Take a drive about 20-30 minutes north of Waikiki to our map marker location to Tantalus Drive where your journey begins.

From there you'll work your way up the two lane (one lane each way) mountain road with all sorts of tight and twisty turns, switchbacks, and some amazing views along the way. Watch for many areas where you can pull off the road, park your car, and snap some amazing photos as you making the 1000+ foot climb above sea level. Go slow around turns here and watch closely for cars and those on bicycles.

You'll work your way to the top and the main road will loop around and eventually turn into Round Top Drive. Towards the end of the ride, but before you begin your descent, you'll see a right turn for Nutridge Drive. Take that right and follow the short road to the parking lot for Pu'u Ualaka'a State Wayside Park. Park your car (free parking) and walk to the lookout area and enjoy the amazing panoramas from Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor.

Then hop back in your car towards Round Top Drive and turn right to begin working your way back down. You won't end the drive where you started but you'll only be about a quarter mile to the east. Continue on with your day or head back and do it all again the other way!

Nicole L
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Be careful driving up! It is beautiful up there!
John G
Joined: Jan 2017
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This is my favorite place to be in Oahu, especially at night. Although, getting here can be a bit tricky, once you find the route, if you are like me you will return before you leave. Here are my directions (for what they are worth) heading on H1 East take Linau Street Exit, get in the left hand turn lane, turn left, keep going until you reach the red light that appears if you go straight you are heading up a hill, don't to straight and take a left here. Keep going until you get to the very next stop sign, take a right follow this road until you see the very small sign that points left to Mt. Tantalus (Round Top) and from there be very careful! It will be very tempting at times to catch yourself viewing at the incredible views as you climb higher and higher up the mountain and further away from the city lights, but if you aren't careful, you could end up falling off the mountain and I am almost positive that would not end in a positive outcome.

The best time to visit Tantalus (in my opinion is around sunset / sunrise or anytime during the night. It is pretty much the best and only place for night photography besides the lights of the metropolitan area of Honolulu, which you will be able to view in all it's grandeur high above the mountain. You will not only be able to see all of Honolulu and Waikiki, but also Diamond Head and the Pacific Ocean (unless it is completely dark during a new moon or when it is cloudy). Either way, this is the one place in my opinion (no matter how short your visit is to the island) is not to be missed!
Jewel A
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This is such a great place to drive around! I wouldn't recommend walking this at night or anything, but the day time is gorgeous! The day I went, was wind packed and drizzling. With bits of golden sunshine tickling my face, it was so beautiful. I remember getting out at random corners where you could catch a view like no other point on Oahu. There were some knee shaking parts where you wouldn't want anybody being the driver. It's all worth it!

You can stop by on your way back from or on your way somewhere else and it just add's to your day's worth of memories.
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This is the ultimate best place to take a panoramic view of Honolulu/Waikiki area. Sure beats Diamond Head.
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If you love a good drive then check out Tantalus, it's a great set of twisty mountain roads and has a great lookout near the top. If you rented a convertible then drop the top and head over here.
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