One Forty American Steak, Hawaiian Seafood

One Forty American Steak, Hawaiian Seafood
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Phone (808) 565-2000
Address 1 Manele Bay Rd, Lanai City, HI 96763
Ocean view restaurant offers a generous breakfast buffet and extensive steak and seafood menu. Named after the island's 140 square miles and the perfect temperature to cook a steak to.

• Food Types: American • Food Types: Seafood • Food Types: Steaks • Payment: $$$ - Pricey - $30 to $60 • Meals: Breakfast
• Meals: Dinner • Service Type: Table • Offers: Open Air / Outdoor Seating

Why is it called One Forty? They say it's because Lana'i is 140 square miles (it's actually 140.5 if you want to get technical) and that 140 degrees is the perfect temperature to cook a steak. I don't know, it's all a little goofy if you ask me but every place needs a name so One Forty it is.

They serve up a large buffet at breakfast and become a steakhouse for dinner. The dinner situation looked a little too fancy to bring our kids to so we tried breakfast here instead.

Side note, we later found out (when our trip was done) that we could have ordered from the One Forty dinner menu while dining at The Sports Bar. Yes, you can eat at the more casual The Sports Bar but order from the One Forty menu. Good tip for those with kids who don't want to deal with kids at a longer sit down meal or don't want to pay insane steakhouse prices for kids who eat hot dogs.

So breakfast it is. They have an a la carte menu you can order from as well as a buffet. Kids 5 and under eat free at the buffet which is pretty awesome. Kids 6 and over pay $12.00 for the buffet. On one hand, $12.00 is a deal compared to the prices at the hotel restaurants but on the other hand most kids will eat dry cereal and fruit which isn't worth the $12.00 price.

On the adult side, the breakfast buffet is an insane $42.00. For that price you'll get a wide variety of the usual breakfast items, waffles, omelets, bacon, sausages, and so on. You can even order stuff off the ala carte menu, like the tasty Banana French Toast ($18 a la carte). That's great and all but you just can't eat $42.00 worth of breakfast food.

Beth got the buffet, ordered 1 omelet and was stuffed. That same omelet was less than half the price on the a la carte menu but because she said buffett (and then got some side bacon) we paid $42.00. A complete rip off. On top of that we got charged $5.00 for her coffee. What? Coffee isn't included with a $42.00 buffet? It should be, and it should be made from the finest beans on the planet and filtered through coffee filters made from the finest and rarest silk from the most remote rainforests.

I ordered the Banana French Toast ($18.00) and it was really good, but way more than I could eat and they were a bit stingy on the syrup (and it took our waiter too long to check on us). Speaking of service, it wasn't bad and our waiter was super nice but he screwed up our drinks, then screwed up our order for a side of bacon and sausage, and was otherwise not really good. Odd considering it's a buffet and you're doing most of the work yourself.

So a breakfast for four (1 kid being free) cost $96.00 with tip. That's just an insane amount to pay for breakfast, most important meal of the day or not. My advice is that you just skip this place completely, at least for breakfast.