Hawaii Luau Guide

Hawaii Luau Guide
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Complete guide to luaus on the Hawaiian islands.

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Oahu, Hawaii Luau Guide
Headed to Hawaii? Then a luau should be on your to do list! Not sure what a luau is exactly, then be sure to read What Is A Luau. We'll cover all of the basics there including the different types of luaus, what type of food you can expect, and even how to handle Tipping. In this guide, we'll show you all of the major luaus on the islands and so you can decide which is best for you.

We're listing each luau by island and are generally putting the more popular luaus at the top but that doesn't mean those lower down are bad in any way. So how can you best choose a luau? The obvious first choice is to narrow the list to the island you're staying on. After that, consider the location relative to where you'll be staying. For example, if your resort offers a luau you might be best off there rather than driving (or being bussed) to another luau. Or maybe you'd prefer a more authentic experience rather than one at your resort?

The choice is yours but we'll throw in a few of our own opinions along the way. Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these luaus in any way nor do we benefit financially from your decision.

Oahu, Hawaii Luau Guide

Maui, Hawaii Luau Guide

Kauai, Hawaii Luau Guide

Big Island, Hawaii Luau Guide