Top 10 Reasons Why Hawaii Is The Happiest & Healthiest State

Top 10 Reasons Why Hawaii Is The Happiest & Healthiest State
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The top 10 reasons why Hawaii residents are the happiest and healthiest in the nation. No worries here, bruh!

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1: We Take Vitamin Sea Regularly

In Hawaii, the ocean surrounds us and we make regular trips to enjoy it. The beach here is therapy and a little while spent in the salty ocean water seems to have miraculous health benefits that simply can't be measured in a laboratory. Don't believe us? Hop in, soak for a while, and then tell us how you feel. Go find your perfect beach now or check out our I Need Vitamin Sea artwork and take a piece of the islands home with you.

2: Aloha Spirit

To understand Hawaii, you have to understand Aloha. The concept of Aloha is a reference to the attitude of friendly acceptance for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous. It can refer to a powerful way to resolve any problem, accomplish any goal, and to achieve any state of mind or body that you desire. Understand it, accept it, and watch how it can transform your mood and life. More at: Aloha Spirit

3: We Exercise Without The Gym

With roughly 1 zillion hikes on the islands, about as many beaches, and a huge variety of outdoor activities we get plenty of exercise. With so much to do you can't help but be out and about and exploring the great outdoors. It's exercising without the ridiculous gym membership. More at: Hawaii's Hiking Trails

4: Clean & Fresh Island Air

With an often constant breeze known as the Trade Winds, the Hawaiian Islands tend to have very low levels of pollution when compared to many mainland states. Clean air leads to healthy lungs and a healthy body. It also gets us outside more often which, in turn, makes us more active. When landing on the islands you can instantly feel and smell the amazing Hawaiian air as soon as you step off your plane. More at: Hawaii Weather

5: Higher Minimum Smoking Age

Speaking of clean air, Hawaii was the first state in America to raise the smoking age to 21. A higher minimum smoking age means fewer kids are smoking which should lead to fewer adults smoking as they grow up. This can only help Hawaii's residents to continue leading a healthier lifestyle.

6: Ohana

The word "ohana" means "family". For many, moving to Hawaii means isolating themselves from their own ohana which we talk about in our Hawaii Living: All Alone article. Fortunately, the concept of "ohana" in Hawaii is incredibly important and residents here tend to get to know each other and become each other's ohana. If you make any effort to get to know your neighbors, coworkers, or fellow beachgoers then you'll never be alone and always have a large ohana you can rely on. Like that artwork above, you can buy it here or view our other Oahan artwork here.

7: Stress Busting Sunrises & Sunsets

We can start our day with world class sunrises or decompress after a long day with world class sunsets. The viewing spots are numerous and they're all amazing in their own ways. With views like these you can put life in perspective and watch the stress melt away. Like the view above? You'll find it at Haleakala National Park on Maui.

8: Island Time

Island time is the idea of moving a bit slower in life. Not being in a rush. Not trying to push your way through traffic to arrive 10 seconds earlier. It's about slowing down, taking it all in. There's a reason you almost never hear horns honking in Hawaii. We're on island time, we accept our terrible traffic for what it is and know that stressing over it isn't worthwhile. More at: Hawaii Living: Island Time

9: Healthy Eating

A huge benefit to all of the diversity in Hawaii is all of the great food choices we have, many of which come from cultures that are far healthier than the typical American diet. Although it's true that we import the majority of our food, the "farm to table" culture is big here so finding locally grown, organic fresh fruits and vegetables is easy. Best of all, it's not just refrigerators full of pineapple that we have access to (though we have plenty of pineapple). Well balanced meals with lots of fruits, vegetables, and rice rather than a plate full of meat is common in Hawaii. The better we eat, the healthier we are. The healthier we are, the happier we are. Hungry? Go find some ono grinds (good eats) here.

10: Less Is More

Hawaii life is expensive. Period. Sure, there are plenty of ways to save money (see Top 13 Ways To Save Money Living In Hawaii) but the bottom line is that a dollar here doesn't go as far as it does pretty much everywhere on the mainland. We call it the Paradise Tax (see Hawaii Living: The Paradise Tax) and it's just part of life. So you learn to make do with less. When you do that you realize that happiness isn't having the latest iThing, biggest TV, or fanciest car. Go outside and enjoy Hawaiian nature, that's why you live here after all! Happiness is a state of mind which is why Hawaii is a state of mind. No worries, bruh!