The Green Lady Of Wahiawa

The Green Lady Of Wahiawa
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Is the Wahiawa Botanical Garden and Gulch haunted by a mother looking for her kids, or yours?

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The Green Lady Of Wahiawa, or simply the Green Lady, is supposedly a woman who visited Wahiawa Gulch and Wahiawa Botanical Garden area with her children many years ago. In some versions, it is said that the mother would cross the gulch instead of crossing the bridge or any roads as she was deathly afraid that the cars would hit her children.

Regardless, one of the children got lost in the forest and was never found again. In some versions, she went looking for help to find the missing child and nobody would help her so she returned to the forest with her other children and none of them were ever seen again.

The mother was so torn up over the loss of her child that she eventually dies because of the grief and stress of it all. To this day, she haunts the Wahiawa Gulch area along with the Wahiawa Botanical Garden area and even the Wahiawa Elementary School area.

The ghostly woman is said to be green in appearance, hence the Green Lady name, and to also have green, fish like scales along with jagged teeth and hair that is covered in seaweed. Obviously not something you'd want to run into in the dark, spooky forest. As if that wasn't scary enough, it's also said that she is still looking for her missing child and will take any child she comes across.

The green woman also has a very bad smell, likely because of the rotting plant matter that covers her body. So many who suddenly smell the odor of decaying plant material believe that means she is nearby.