Wahiawa Botanical Garden

Phone (808) 621-7321
4 stars from 4 reviews
Address 1396 California Ave, Wahiawa, HI 96786
A free botanical garden in central Oahu.

• General: Botanical Garden • General: Cost: Free
• General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Length: 0-1 Miles
• Hiking: Level: Easy • Hiking: Minor Elevation Changes
• Hiking: Nature Walk • Hiking: Paved
• Tours: Self Guided

Matt Anderson's Take
The Wahiawa Botanical Garden covers a 27 acre ravine in central Oahu. It's full of tropical flowers and plants that enjoy this elevated and cooler climate. Admission is free and you'll walk along a paved path on your self guided tour. Some parts of the path are a bit steep so some parts may not be for those who have trouble walking.

Considering it's free, it's pretty neat to see what's in here. Of course, that assumes you're into plants, flowers, or gardening. If you're not then you likely won't enjoy this place very much. It feels like it's had a recent make over and has some well maintained bathrooms too(relatively speaking).

As for the plants, it feels like most of what is here is just growing naturally and wildly. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of order to the gardens.
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Matt Anderson
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Tracey B
Joined: Jun 2016
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This was a fun place to walk through but it's not really all that well maintained. There are a lot of plants to see and photograph but a lot of it feels overgrown and all over the place with no clear information. But it is free which is great. Also lots of mosquitoes so bring spray.
Joined: Jul 2013
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A beautiful place to wander around for a little while. Lots of shade here and it's cooler than a lot of the island. A lot of steep trails so be sure to hold on to the handrails! I liked that is was pretty quiet considering there is a noisy street nearby.
Tom T
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Tranquil and vegetative, Wahiawa Botanical Garden is a zen reprieve from the hustle of daily life. Lush plants, and my favorite - the rainbow colored bark eucalyptus tree - can be seen here. Would not recommend for handicapped or those that have had too many cocktails. It's steep and can be slippery.
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