Ku'ilioloa Heiau At Pokai Bay

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Address 85-003 Pokai Bay St, Waianae, HI 96792
Located beside Pokai Bay in Waianae is where you'll find this sacred heiau.

• Hiking: Length: 0-1 Miles • Hiking: Level: Easy
• Sightseeing: Dolphins • Sightseeing: Great Views
• Sightseeing: Whale Watching • Cultural & Historical: Heiau / Sacred Site

Full Description
Ku'ilioloa Heiau stands at the end of Kane'ilio Point, which is a small peninsula offering tremendous views of the Waianae coastline and mountains. It stands to the south of Pokai Bay Beach Park.

There are a few coconut palms and grassy areas leading up to the Heiau, which has existed in one form on another for the past 1,000 years. It's thought that in ancient times, the point offered an ideal location for Hawaiians to identify friendly traders from waring marauders as they approached the area by canoe.

The main purpose of the Ku'ilioloa Heiau was to serve as a sacred place where spirits would protect travelers by land and sea. It was thought to also function as a place of refuge for Hawaiians in violation of Kapu or taboo, which were laws often punishable by death. Those violators of the law could seek protection from harsh punishment by remaining here until more favorable terms could be negotiated. A similar "place of refuge" can be seen at Pu'ukohola Heiau National Historic Site on the Big Island.

The word Ku'ilioloa incorporates the Hawaiian God of War "Ku" with "Ilio", meaning "dog". In Hawaiian mythology, tales of half-man creatures and gods came down from the heavens and took a physical form on earth.

There is a small rock arch and a couple of blow holes to check out. Memorials for family members who have passed on and their ashes spread at sea can be seen near the Heiau.

The legend of Pokai The Navigator was said to have brought coconut palm trees to Hawaii. The coconut palms along the peninsula provided both food and shelter to the Hawaiian people, thus Pokai was a revered figure in Hawaiian legend.

Pokai Bay Beach Park beside Ku'ilioloa Heiau is a serene, beautiful area to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the tranquil bay which is backed by the Waianae mountain ranges.

Matt A
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This heiau is very easy to get to and worth checking out if you're in the area. The heiau itself is not much more than a few rock walls but there is a lot of history here. Even if you're not into history it's hard to beat the incredible views all around. It's just too bad this area always feels like it's not maintained and usually has some less than desireable folks hanging out to make it feel a little sketchy.
Tom T
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Come for the history and stay for the amazing views. Bring a camera because these are some of the best views around.
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