Oahu Beach Volleyball Guide

Oahu Beach Volleyball Guide
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Guide to the best beach for beach volleyball on Oahu, Hawaii.

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Beach volleyball. It's just like regular volleyball except that you play it barefoot in the sand. What better place to have a game than on a beautiful sandy beach in Hawaii?

What's Needed

The key a good volleyball beach is having a large, flat area of sand. Most beaches slope down towards the ocean which makes for poor volleyball conditions. Because of that, you only have a few choices for good beach volleyball action on Oahu.

What To Expect

Maybe you're a hardcore athlete looking for a serious game with serious opponents. Or maybe you're looking for a fun game before you hop into the ocean on your pink doughnut floaty. It really doesn't matter what type of player you are because there's a game for everyone out there.

Best Beaches To Play At

On Oahu, some of the best beaches are all pretty close to each other and in the Waikiki area.

Ala Moana Beach & State Recreation Area
This beach offers a few courts towards the Kewalo Basin Harbor end where you'll find people playing. People who play here bring there own nets but permanent pole holes are anchored in the ground. A group of players show up here each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and are likely to let almost anyone play.

Fort DeRussy Beach Park @ Waikiki
Near the middle of this stretch of beach are a few courts. These are run by the Armed Forces Recreation Center so military personnel get priority here. Note that this area is home to the Hale Koa Hotel (Military Hotel) which is a military only hotel (the beach is public of course). The nets here are permanent but these are highly used courts. You'll often see the same groups of people gathering here all the time and you may or may not be welcome to join.

Queen's Beach @ Waikiki
This is an excellent spot for a game but only if you're on the professional side. The courts here are permanently installed. This isn't the place for amateurs, nor is it a place you can just show up to and expect to play. These are serious players and the courts are usually quite busy. If you're not a pro it's still a fun place to watch a game.