King Kamehameha Day

King Kamehameha Day
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One of only two holidays that is dedicated to royalty in the US.

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In Hawaii King Kamehameha Day is celebrated every year on June 11th. It's one of only two holidays dedicated to royalty in the U.S.A, the other being Prince Kuhio Day. It honors King Kamehameha, who was the first to unite all of the islands of Hawaii as the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The day is full of celebrations and events that observe the culture of the ancient Hawaiians.

There is a floral parade that includes the traditional pa'u riders. They represent the Hawaiian royalty and are colorfully clothed in traditional 19th century riding gowns.

A large block party follows after the parade. There is also a Lei draping ceremony at Oahu's King Kamehameha Statue and the Big Island's King Kamehameha Statue. The statues are draped in long strands of Lei as a way to honor King Kamehameha.