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A garland of flowers worn around the neck.

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The Hawaiian lei often contains flowers, leaves, nuts, or feathers. It is a symbol of Aloha or love. It is usually given during a celebration such as a birthday, graduation, or welcoming someone to Hawaii. Leis also take center stage at Hawaii's annual Lei Day celebration.

Want to make your own? See Lei Making and How To Make A One Straw Lei to get started.

Angel p
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Such a beautiful idea. We were greeted with these when we arrived at the airport.
Vickey W
Joined: Mar 2017
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Getting a lei on each of our trips is a tradition we have kept up since our first trip. I usually purchase several throughout my trip to wear and also the flower for my hair. Nothing makes me feel more like an islander of days gone by than a lei the fragrance from them is heavenly. I love to watch them being strung and have tried on more than one occasion tried my hands at stringing a few. I usually wear the flower ones but get either a shell or seed one for hubby to wear. It is an art.
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We get a lei every time we go to Hawaii. The first time, getting off of the island, and smelling the "aloha spirit" and then having someone put a lei around you, it makes it complete. This is where you say, "We are in Hawaii". We put them in the refrigerator and bring them home and dry them. A perfect souvenir. They used to greet you as you left the plane, however they are in the airport now holding a sign with your name on it.
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