Magic Island (Aina Moana)

4.5 stars from 6 reviews
Address Ala Moana Park Dr, Honolulu, HI 96815
Beautiful, man made lagoon located on the man made Magic Island. Clear, calm, and protected waters.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Grassy Area
• Facilities: Lifeguard • Facilities: Picnic Tables
• Facilities: Showers • Type: Kid Friendly
• Type: No Dogs Allowed • Type: Protected From Open Ocean
• Type: Shady • Sand Type: Powder
• Parking: Good / Plenty • Good For: Swimming

Matt Anderson's Take
Magic Island, which is also known as Aina Moana and Magic Island Lagoon, is a man made beach at the tip of the man made peninsula right next to Ala Moana Beach & State Recreation Area.

Located in Honolulu on the south side of O'ahu, Magic Island is a short walk from Ala Moana Center and not far from Waikiki (see Waikiki Guide).

In fact, the area was supposed to be another Waikiki area resort complex from decades earlier but when that failed the county turned it into an excellent park.

Getting here is very easy and there is plenty of parking in the large lot, though it will fill up as this place will pack in the locals on weekends. Come during the week if you can.

The park area is a huge grassy, and fairly shady, field with picnic tables and walking paths which is great for games, parties, and BBQs.

The beach area is an amazingly calm, clear, and perfect lagoon with a lifeguard, bathrooms, and showers. The sand is a nice and powdery and the water is fairly shallow in many areas but a lot of areas have a rocky bottom so consider water socks or watch your step.

Magic Island beach is very protected from the ocean waves so this a great place for kids to play around. As with any lagoon like this, stay away from the openings in the breakwater wall as that is where the ocean water washes in and out. It may not have the upscale "resort feel" of the Ko Olina Lagoons but it's still a wonderful beach.
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Matt Anderson
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Matt A
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Magic Island beach is a great place to hang out, at least during the week. Sometimes we've been the only people here! On the weekends it does tend to get crowded so go early if you're going to be here on a weekend. This is a great kid friendly and family friendly beach, especially with the lifeguard.
Rebecca R
Joined: Jan 2018
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Didn't even know this beach was here at first but what a great find. Calm and protected waters are perfect for kids.
Ellen R
Joined: Jul 2016
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There is a designated running/walking path around and through Magic Island. Scenic views. Flat and easy. To avoid the crowds run or walk in the mornings or evenings.
Joined: Mar 2016
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I love magic island (Aina Moana) I haven't yet swum there in the lagoon but I love to walk around the park there just beautiful and the views are to die for! Nice to escape out of Waikiki and make your way down to swim or enjoy the park! They have restrooms BBQs and seating if you want to make a day of it! Great for family's the kids will love the lagoon nice clear water! Head down and check it out highly recommended
Cristelle M
Joined: Mar 2014
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A lovely lagoon! The water here is really clear and the grassy area is great to be around in. It's really pretty and a breather from the traffic and bustling city.

There's an interesting fact that this was supposed to be a part of a resort but they stopped the funding, so Magic Island was converted into a park instead. With that in mind, you know that this place was created for fun, aesthetic appeal and safety.
Tom T
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For several years, I would go with my son to Magic Island and catch rockfish on the left side of the lagoon. A fun simple thing to do if your staying in Waikiki and would like to have a peaceful area with nobody around and enjoy a little fishing.
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