Swap Meet

Swap Meet
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Phone (808) 483-2500
Address 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96818
Great place to buy all sorts of low priced merchandise, jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs.

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This huge Swap Meet is held every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8am to 3pm (opens at 6:30am on Sunday) at the Aloha Stadium in Honolulu (just outside of Aiea). The stadium is located right at the H1 and H201 freeway interchange just east of Pearl Harbor (see Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial) and is very easy to get to with plenty of parking. You'll be charged $1.00 per person (kids 11 and under are free) to get in but there is no parking fee.

Once in you will find a massive swap meet that encircles the entire Aloha Stadium so expect to walk about 1 mile as you circle the stadium (and end up right where you started). You will find booth after booth that will be happy to sell you all sorts of jewelry (usually the cheap and fake kind), purses and fashion accessories (again, often copied fakes), clothing, luggage, toys, Hawaii souvenirs, and much more. There will also be vendors selling food, drinks, fresh fruit, and other items to keep you going. Ever wanted to try drinking from a fresh and chilled coconut? You'll find it here, and probably agree that it looks better than it tastes.

Note that it can get hot here, especially if the wind isn't blowing, so bring a hat and a bottle of water and maybe apply some sunscreen to Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Skin Cancer. We also suggest going early even though some of the booths may not be opened right away. When it gets too hot you can stop for a cold drink but note that the "shave ice" they sell here isn't really shave ice but more of a snow cone. Still tasty, but not shave ice as they claim so if you want real shave ice see 3 Great Places for Shave Ice on Oahu.

We really like this place and you can get some great bargains here. Seven t-shirts for $20? That's a deal! You'll walk by dozens of booths that all have the same items and same deals so if you think you missed a golden opportunity 50 feet back just keep walking and watch it be presented to you again in another 50 feet.

We don't have many complains about the Swap Meet, other than it's really the same few dozen booths over and over again. But, we do find one general annoyance here which is how many of the booth owners will watch over you like you plan to steal from them. Maybe they get hit by theft a lot, but you can't help but feeling like a thief as they hover over you and watch your every move. Once you get used to that and just flat out ignore it then it's a good place for a shopping spree on the cheap.