Valley Of The Temples Memorial Park

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park
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Phone (808) 239-4688
Address 47-262 Ahaohelo Rd, Kaneohe, HI 96744
Memorial cemetery near the Byodo-In Temple.

• Service: Funeral Services & Cemeteries

Valley of the Temples Memorial Park is a memorial cemetery but also a popular spot for tourists.

At the far end is the Byodo-In Temple which a very popular tourist destination on O'ahu. The area has been featured in many Popular Movies & TV Shows Filmed In Hawaii over the years as well, including the popular LOST television series.

This memorial park is lovely with different sections dedicated to the various ethnic groups. There are areas with graves for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other groups. Asians that live in Hawaii are very reverent to their deceased and often have small family gatherings and set up chairs and tents around a loved ones grave.

If you're looking for the ultimate eternal place of rest, this is the kind of place that is hard to top.