Malama Petroglyph Trail / Puako Petroglyph Preserve

Malama Petroglyph Trail / Puako Petroglyph Preserve
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Address Holoholokai Beach Park Rd, Waikoloa, HI 96743
Hiking trail leading to an ancient petroglyph site.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Educational • General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Length: 0-1 Miles • Hiking: Level: Easy
• Hiking: Nature Walk • Hiking: Out & Back Trail • Sightseeing: Great Views • Cultural & Historical: Heiau / Sacred Site

The Malama Petroglyph Trail is a short, 0.6 mile long (each way), out and back style hiking trail that leads to the Puako Petroglyph Preserve. You'll find the trail in the Waikoloa area of Hawaii's Big Island, close to the The Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii and Holoholokai Beach Park.

The trail is more of a nature trail than difficult hike so perfect for just about anyone so bring the kids and a camera. Still, this is a hike and you should always be prepared. Start by reading Hiking Safety & Essentials and applying plenty of sunscreen to Protect Yourself From Sunburn & Skin Cancer.

The Puako Petroglyph Preserve features over one thousand kii pohaku (petroglyphs) that were carved into lava rock centuries ago by the native Hawaiians. The area is one of world's largest collection of prehistoric rock carvings.

The exact meaning of the petroglyphs is unknown but many believe that these are various significant events and birth records of the Hawaiian people who live here many years ago.

As with any culturally significant area like this, be respectful of the place and especially of the petroglyphs. Look but don't touch is the rule here so avoid any crayon rubbings as well, take a photo instead.