Makalawena Beach

Makalawena Beach
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Phone (808) 323-4322
Address Off Kaahumanu Hwy 19, beween mile markers 88 & 89, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Hidden white sand beach.

• Type: Nude Beach • Sand Type: White • Parking: Good / Plenty

Makalawena Beach is located in the Kekaha Kai State Park but it's not the easiest beach to reach.

To get here, you'll need to drive down the same poorly maintained road that you would use for Ka'elehuluhulu Beach but parking at the first parking area. You'll then follow the trail northeast which and after a short 5 minute walk you'll reach Mahai'ula Beach. The old abandoned house here is your first landmark so head along the beach passed that house to pick up the trail that leads to Makalawena Beach.

A lot of people want to know if you can drive here. Well, the answer to "can" is yes. The answer to "should you drive here" is a big no. Of course, locals can drive over these lava rock fields in a pickup truck while blindfolded, you'll probably wreck your rental even if it's a Jeep. You're far better off parking and walking.

From here you'll be walking for another 20+ minutes on the lava rock trail until it dumps you onto the sandy Makalawena Beach. Because of the remoteness, this beach is often completely empty and for many it's the definition of "perfect hidden Hawaiian beach". Note that if somebody is here there is a chance they may be nude. That's right, at times this turns into a nude beach.

The other downside to a secluded or secret beach is that they often don't have any facilities, and this one is no exception. If you want a bathroom you have a 30 minute walk back to your car and then can drive or walk to Ka'elehuluhulu Beach which has bathrooms.

The swimming can be good here when the ocean is calm, but just remember how far you are from help if things go bad. Even if you don't swim, this is sure to be a beautiful place to spend some time.