Makena In Maui Restaurants

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Burger Man of Makena in Maui - Kihei, Hawaii
A food stand that caters to lunch customers by serving up burger meals.
Jawz Tacos in Maui - Kihei, Hawaii
Classic Mexican style cuisine for lunch and dinner.
Big Beach BBQ in Maui - Makena, Hawaii
Serving up Hawaiian food for lunch on Makena Road just before the entrance ...
Molokini Bar & Grill in Maui - Makena, Hawaii
Steak and seafood prepared with local ingredients for dinner customers. It ...
Da Local Banana in Maui - Makena, Hawaii
Food stand offering natural fruity snacks for a grab and go moment.
Cafe Kiowai in Maui - Makena, Hawaii
Casual dining at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort (Formerly Maui Prince Hotel...
Barista 5400 in Maui - Makena, Hawaii
Located at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort (Formerly Maui Prince Hotel).
Bubba's Gourmet Dog Shack in Maui - Makena, Hawaii
This food truck offers hot dogs, shrimp plates and snacks for a quick lunch...
Jawz Tacos Big Beach in Maui - Makena, Hawaii
Located in the parking lot at Big Beach (Oneloa/Makena Beach) at Makena Sta...
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