LookIntoHawaii.com Opens New Biz Portal

Sunday, February 15, 2015 - Oahu, Hawaii – The LookIntoHawaii.com website announces the release of the brand new Biz Portal. The new Biz Portal allows local Hawaii restaurants, hotels, and activity & tour companies to claim their business listing on the LookIntoHawaii.com website.

Once an owner claims a business they can upload photos, set tags to describe their offerings, and give a description of who they are. This allows a business owner to control their profile and online image as well as response to online customer reviews.

“We’re excited to finally give Hawaii business owners a way to claim their business listings which will help get them more online exposure and more customers into their business.” said Matt Anderson, Co-Founder, LookIntoHawaii.com LLC. “We’re really proud to offer this type of feature for free to all Hawaii based businesses. It’s something we've had a lot of businesses asking us for and we think this is a good way to help these businesses grow and thrive.”

About LookIntoHawaii.com, LLC
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