Queens' Marketplace

Queens' MarketPlace
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Phone (808) 886-8822
Address 69-201 Waikoloa Beach Dr, Waikoloa, HI 96738
Plenty of shops and dining options for all.

• Mall / Center

Queens' MarketPlace is one of two shopping areas in the Waikoloa resort area (see Waikoloa Guide) with the other being OLDKings' Shops virtually right next door, though Queens MarketPlace is larger and has more to offer.

This is an outdoor and open air type mall with around twenty or so stores to shop in, many of which are the usual chain stores that you'll find everywhere else.

It also has around a dozen places to eat between their mini food court and more traditional table service restaurants. While these aren't going to be anything extraordinary, they are great alternatives to the overpriced hotel food that you'll find if you are staying at any of the nearby hotels.

It's actually surprising that this place isn't much bigger and much better considering they have such a huge potential customer base (pronounced: captive audience) from the nearby mega resorts. Because of that, Queens' MarketPlace is by no means an actual destination but rather a handy place to have nearby.