Segway Of Hawaii

Segway Of Hawaii
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Phone (808) 941-3151
Address 2552 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Hop on a self balancing Segway personal transporter and see the sites of Waikiki in style.

• General: Educational • Hiking: Hiking • Tours: Guided • Vehicle Activities: Fun Drives

In addition to being an official Segway dealer, Segway Of Hawaii offers a variety of different Segway tours.

What's a Segway? It's a zero emission personal transporter. It has two wheels and a platform for you to stand on along with handlebars to hold and steer with. As you stand on the Segway it will automatically balance itself. Lean forward and it will move forward, keeping you balanced the entire time. Lean back and it will stop, and then eventually go in reverse.

You've probably seen these on TV, in the news, or cruising around somewhere. Now you can hop on a Segway through these tours which will first teach you how to safely operate the Segway and then take you on a tour of Oahu.

They're a ton of fun to ride!