The Meaning Of A Flower In A Woman's Hair

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There is meaning behind the placement of a flower in a woman's hair.

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Beth Anderson's Take
If a woman wears a flower behind her right ear it means that she is single. If the flower is behind her left ear it means that she is taken, married or has a significant other.

The easiest way to remember is that a wedding ring is worn of the left hand, so flower on the left side means that she is not available.
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Beth Anderson
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Vickey W
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The Meaning of a Flower in a Woman's Hair was pointed out to me on our first trip to Hawaii when we landed and received a lei and a flower for our hair the sweet lady asked me if I was married or single and explained to me why she asked before pacing the flower behind my ear.

But really, how many men would know or remember if they are told so confuse them and wear it behind both ears. Either way I think it is beautiful to see women wearing them in their hair and enjoy wearing one when on the islands.
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Thank you for this information. I knew this already but a nice reminder so you aren't talking to a lady that might have a significant other and later getting your butt kicked by them. I know when we are in Hawaii I am always looking and noticing these things. This is another little bit of information that is very helpful in Hawaii.
Jewel A
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This is so cute! I remember walking in Waimea Valley with my family and I picked up a flower. Even at 10 years old, directly to the camera I said "Right side because I'm single!". My brother filming me just laughed. Thanks for sharing this interesting and exclusive truth!
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