Koaloha Ukulele Factory

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Phone (808) 847-4911
Address 744 Kohou St Ste K, Honolulu, HI 96817
Considered one of the best ukuleles made today made with genuine Hawaiian koa.

• Beauty / Cosmetics • Musical Instruments / Lessons

What a fantastic instrument the ukulele is. So many people play it in Hawaii - you'll see kids and grownups playing them on the beach or sitting on a sidewall overlooking the ocean. It's a convenient instrument that is simpler to play than the guitar since it has only 4 strings. I learned to play watching youtube videos and jamming with locals.

The Koaloha is revered in Hawaii as a great ukulele. People will say it with pride "I've got a Koaloha". The factory that produces them is on Oahu and it's worth the visit. Koalahua ukuleles are fro musicians that have high standards in their instruments, or people that enjoy beautiful decorative pieces to add that island feel to their home. These ukes aren't cheap - you pay for quality. But for the enthusiast, this is the one to have.