Glass Beach

3.5 stars from 5 reviews
Address 171 Aka Ula St, Eleele, HI 96705
Industrial area, dangerous swimming. Best sea glass beach around.

• Sand Type: Black • Sand Type: Regular
• Parking: Poor / Few • Parking: Street only

Full Description
Glass Beach isn't a place you come to swim or picnic because it's a less than average beach in a undesirable area. You're basically right behind a utility company and a large Chevron industrial complex that has huge tanks of petroleum. The area is a dump. This is a fact.

The beach itself isn't even all that sandy and is very reefy and rocky. So why go? Sea glass. Beach glass. Ocean glass. Whatever you want to call it, it's here in abundance. The beach is quite literally made up of glass. Under the glass is some sand as well, including black sand no less, but you're not here for a day at the beach.

Many people collect sea glass and if you're a collector of sea glass then this is your Graceland. Depending on the time of day and season this beach will each have a large scattering of sea glass all over it. On a good day it will literally be a beach that is covered in small bits of glass (instead of sand).

The glass is generally well rounded and smooth, with occasional sharper bit that wash up along with small bits of sharp metal. Just remember to leave some for others.

Getting here is easy, see our map pinpoint. Head towardsPort Allen Small Boat Harbor, then from Waialo Road you'll turn left onto Aka Ula Stree. Drive passed the Chevron on your right and, just when you're positive you're in the wrong place and should go back to the safety of your resort, you'll see the road make a sharp right, get very bumpy, and head down toward the ocean. You'll see some "street" parking at the bottom.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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As a fun and beautiful beach, it's not a place you'll want to go. Swimming is not good and can be dangerous. The beach is littered with glass and various other trash. But if you're a collector of sea glass then this is your Graceland. You won't find a beach with more sea glass anywhere in Hawaii.
Sue E
Joined: Oct 2016
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I didn't know what to expect, definitely worth experiencing.
Joined: Jul 2013
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This is not your typical beach to go lounge at and play in the water. No, it's something much more.This beach is for everyone who loves sea glass! I love coming to this beach and spending as much time as possible here looking for and collecting sea glass. I could spend hours here if my kids would let me.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
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I love this beach so much it's so spectacular... NOT! This is my least favorite beach on Kauai. What is more picturesque than industrial storage tanks overlooking a beach of broken glass? I know, women (my wife among them) love to collect broken glass and put them in a jar for decoration. Well, I don't get it. This is washed up waste and there is nothing charming about that.

And for those of you who think "We are doing good by cleaning up the beach by picking up this glass" - fantastic - great job. Now use that same enthusiasm to pick up the plastic forks, bags, and other waste left on the beach. That would be truly noble. In fact, if you could fill a jar with discarded water bottle caps, beer cans, and other beach trash, then you'll be my personal hero. This beach is a symbol of man's disregard for the ocean, and I only recommend this beach to see how sad it is. A blight on my beautiful Kauai.
rachel m
Joined: Aug 2014
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I had to stop by this beach after hearing it was full of sea glass. I love sea glass. It was pretty disappointing. There wasn't much sea glass to be found. I may have come at a bad time of year, not sure. The sand was neat because you could tell it was made of lots of tiny pieces of sea glass. But we sadly left with only a few small pieces. The location of this beach makes it less than desirable since there are so many other beaches on the island way more beautiful and just as accessible.
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