Keiki Cove Beach

3 stars from 2 reviews
Address 4890 Lawai Rd, Koloa, HI 96756
Tiny cove and beach, protected from the open ocean. Ideal beach for children, but not much else.

• Type: Kid Friendly • Type: Protected From Open Ocean
• Sand Type: Regular • Parking: Street only
• Good For: Sunsets

Full Description
Keiki Cove Beach is a seriously tiny beach. It's one of the smallest sandy beaches you're going to find in Hawaii.

If you have small children, and assuming the ocean wasn't going crazy, this is a potentially good beach for them to splash around in because it's very shallow and well protected from the open ocean. In fact, you can't easily enter the ocean due to the reef just beyond the beach.

Chances are good it will be empty, but if it isn't even one other family will make it a very crowded beach. There is some road side parking to the east but it's not really a beach you'd drive to, more of something you'd use if you were staying at one of the nearby resorts.

If you could have Keiki Cove Beach to yourself, it's actually a fun place to hang out. It's as if you have your own, personal and private beach. It's really more about the novelty than anything else.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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It's almost as if, years ago, somebody punk'd somebody else with this beach. You can picture the joke, late at night after many drinks. Hey, let's go build a beach just for Bob. Bob always wanted his own beach. And then a bunch of drunk guys dump buckets of sand and a tiny beach is born. That's what this place feels like. If you're nearby and can walk to it, it's a fun spot to catch some sun or let kids splash, otherwise it's not a destination beach.
Tom T
Joined: Sep 2013
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This is a small cove-let that has a few steps down onto a small private beach. If you and your family are able to enjoy this beach without anybody else sharing the space, I'd give this beach a 3.5 star rating. Almost a 4. But you're more than likely going to have curious people walking down the steps, and messing up your zen of tranquility, so I have to give it 2.5 stars.

This small beach would be great if it was located in a secluded area outside of busy the resort part section Koloa.
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