Keoneloa Beach (Shipwreck's Beach)

4 stars from 5 reviews
Address End of Ainakoa St, Koloa, HI 96756
Great for watching cliff jumpers. Rough waves, not great for swimming.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Grassy Area
• Facilities: Showers • Sand Type: Regular
• Parking: Good / Plenty • Good For: Bodysurfing
• Good For: Boogie Boarding

Full Description
Keoneloa Beach is located right behind the lovely Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa so if you're staying at that hotel you have easy access to this beach. This one is also called Shipwreck Beach because of an old shipwreck that used to be here (but isn't anymore).

If there's one thing that sets this beach apart from the crowd it will be the cliff jumping that takes place on the east end of the beach. Thrillseekers can follow a path up the cliffs and take a leap of faith off the end and into the ocean. Unless you really know what you're doing you're probably best just spectating here. Nothing ruins a vacation more than a broken back, leg, or even your own death. All of which, and much more, are possible if you decide to take the plunge.

The waves here can be really rough due to the way they break right on the shore. I've watched many people standing in the water with their backs to the water (never a smart move) only to get pummeled by the ocean. Because of the rougher water it's not the best place for swimming but if you know your way around a boogie board you might enjoy it. More advanced surfers, and bodysurfers, love this one a lot too.

There is a decent sized parking lot but on weekends this place fills up pretty fast. Bathrooms and showers are available to the public and there is another shower at the entrance to the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa which is not intended for the public.

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Attended a wedding here and it was one of the best places to see this happen, sea was rough but the color of the water was so blue and the sand so soft. Again, the morning of arrival, the beach was being cleaned. Great atmosphere and not many people there. Wedding was beautiful with the waves and blue water as the backdrop.
Monti C
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Cool beach but the shore break here is really bad. We mostly came to watch people jump off the cliff and weren't disappointed. No way I'd try that but fun to watch others.
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A good beach but not a great beach. On days when the ocean was calm this was a fun place to splash in the water but most other days during our stay the beach was too wild.
Matt A
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A pretty neat beach to hang out at but unless the water is very calm, not a place you'll want to swim. Even then, you really have to watch that shorebreak. This is a fun place to watch the cliff jumpers and if you're staying nearby and can walk it's worth your time. Otherwise, it's probably not a beach you'd drive to.
rachel m
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This is a beautiful beach. It is featured in the movie Six Days, Seven Nights (with Harrison Ford). I love "movie spots" and this is a very beautiful one. It has a nice little grassy area by the bathrooms & shower.
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