Gillin's Beach

Gillin's Beach
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Address Poipu Road, Koloa, HI 96756
Hidden beach on Kauai's south shore but the road to get here is really rough.

• Facilities: Showers • Good For: Windsurfing

Gillin's Beach is very difficult to get to by car due to the quality of the dirt road that leads here. The road is incredibly bumpy and filled with huge holes. You'll be moving along at a crawl at best and we don't suggest doing it in a rental car or anything less than a 4x4. It's that bad.

If you have the means to get here, you'll need to take Poipu Road and head east past the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa. Keep driving and the road will turn to dirt and you'll be thinking "Eh, this isn't so bad." Keep driving, you'll see. After 1.5 miles you'll come to a 4 way intersection and you'll need to turn right here.

Go down another 3/4 of a mile, stay to the ride when the road forks. The road will turn left but you can park right there and walk the short path to the beach.

The beach here is really nice but also rocky and reefy. Head east (to your left when facing the ocean) and you'll walk to Kawailoa Bay. If you head west (right if facing the ocean) you'll walk towards a small stream and should see a path before the stream that leads to a small cave (west) that you might be able to check out up close.