Kohala Zipline

Kohala Zipline
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Phone (808) 331-3620
Address 55-515 Hawi Road, Hawi, HI 96719
Zip line thrills in north Kohala on the Big Island.

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Ziplines are a downright fun and exciting. Kohala Zipline is unique in that the entire tour is in a forest of trees.

After getting checked in and signing waivers, we were given a safety briefing to make certain we were all up for the challenge. There were 9 of us on our tour, and all were pumped up about our adventure. Our tour guides took the time to fit us with harnesses and helmets. We were advised not to have any valuables in our pockets and to leave them at the front desk. We were allowed to bring our cameras. Some of the helmets had GoPro head mounts for that unique point of view angle.

We boarded a tarped all terrain 4-wheel drive vehicle and headed up the mountain to the ziplines. Once at the ziplines, our guides made certain we were listening to them and asked us not to use our cameras on the first couple of ziplines until we had the hang of it. Kohala's Ziplines require the rider to "brake" with their hands as they approach each platform. It took me 2 rides to get the hang of it ( I kept using 2 hands to brake which is a no-no). The two guides were patient and made sure we felt safe and comfortable before we got on each zipline.

The scenery was beautiful. It's important to take a look around while zipping. We rode from platform to platform, which are secured about midway up each tree. We didn't set foot on solid ground until our snack break between zipline 5 and 6. We replenished with an assortment of goodies including macadamia nuts, fruit snacks, granola bars, and water.

Each zipline was progressively longer than the previous. The speeds also increased as well ranging from 5 mph to 45 mph. On some of the rides, we crossed streams and lush tropical growth. Our guides would ham it up for us by spinning or leaning back on rides to boast their zip skills.

On a couple of ziplines, there were swinging rope bridges you have to walk across to get to the next platform. It was a little scary but also fun.

The last zipline had dual lines, where you can ride down side by side with another person. I took a great video of my friend as I followed beside her down the line. On the last platform, we rappelled down the ground on a rope pulley system. It was a kick.

The 4-wheel vehicle was waiting for us at the end the bottom of the last platform and took us back to the office where we started from. It took about 3 hours. Zip through the trees in the zip line canopy tour located in north Kohala on the Big Island.

The main zip line tour consists of 9 zip lines and runs around $130 for kids and $170 for adults.

If you want more adventure then check out the Kohala Zip & Dip tour which runs about $250 per person (8 and up). This takes you on the same 9-course zip line then you rappel down at the end, do some very short hiking, see waterfalls, and then finish with a dip in a mountain stream.