Kalihiwai Bay Beach

Kalihiwai Bay Beach
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Address Kalihiwai Road, Kilauea , HI 96754
Popular surf spot in winter. Calmer in summer. River empties into the ocean here.

• Facilities: Bathrooms • Facilities: Picnic Tables • Type: Kid Friendly • Type: Shady • Sand Type: Regular
• Parking: Street only • Good For: Fishing • Good For: Kayaking • Surfing Level: Advanced

Kalihiwai Bay and Kalihiwai Beach can be found on the northshore of Kaua'i, just a short drive west of Kilauea Lighthouse / Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

The best way to get to Kalihiwai Beach is from the eastern portion of Kalihiwai Road. You can access it from the western portion of Kalihiwai Road as well but note that the two roads no longer connect.

Find a legal spot to park along the street and you'll be good to go. The beach has a lovely crescent shape to it and in the summer can be a good place to swim or do some beginner surfing. In the winter, the surfing action is far more advanced and the beach is not a good place to swim.

There does tend to be a lot of sand churned up in the water near shore but it is a fairly family friendly beach when the waves aren't strong, though there is no lifeguard here. Speaking of facilities, there are bathrooms in the form of port-a-potties as well as picnic tables but not much else.

The west end is where the Kalihiwai River dumps into the ocean. It's pretty neat but also a bit smelly at times, but that doesn't stop kids from playing in it.

As where any river empties into the ocean, the result can be murky water. And as with any murky water, it's best not to swim in it as sharks do tend to prefer murky waters (see Shark Attacks In Hawaii).