Kukaniloko Birthstones State Historic Site

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Phone (808) 594-1835
Address 71400 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa, HI 96786
Sacred birthing stones used by ancient Hawaiians.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Educational • General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Nature Walk • Sightseeing: Great Views
• Cultural & Historical: Heiau / Sacred Site • Cultural & Historical: Historic / Landmarks

The Kukaniloko Birth Stones were used long ago by chiefs and chiefesses who would come here for the birth of their children. A child that was born here was assured a high ranking status.

There used to be a heiau here, known as the Ho'olonopahu Heiau, as well but that was (unfortunately) removed back in the days when sugar cane and pineapple fields ruled. The Kukaniloko Birthstones State Historic Site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and will hopefully remain for future generations.

Of course, this place isn't for everyone. While it is an "attraction" of sorts it's a place you'll visit if you have an interest in Hawaiian history and culture. That said, some people really love this place. Others come to pay their respects, and some of those place coins on the rocks. The sign at the entrance actually asks people not to mess with the rocks and not to put coins on them.

If you want to see it, you'll find it at the intersection of the Kamehameha Highway and Whitmore Avenue. Head southwest at the stoplight there and then you'll have to park right there as the dirt road is chained off. Then walk down the dirt road and follow the path to the stones.

If you are bringing kids just be ready for them to be instantly bored. This isn't a place that kids are likely to enjoy or understand. They will want to run and jump on the rocks so please be respectful and make sure they don't touch the stones in any way.