Kalalau Beach

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Address End of the Kalalau Trail, Kapaa, HI 96746
One of the most beautiful places in the world. A long, wide beach with white sand and huge cliffs that back it.

• Facilities: Camping

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One of the most amazing places in the world. Kalalau Beach is accessible by an 11 mile hike along the magnificent Na Pali Coast. You can get there in one day if you were ambitious, but most people do it in two.

This is one of the most isolated places in the world. Think about it. You're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the most remote island chain in the world - the one furthest away from Honolulu; and you've traveled along scary cliffs to get here.

Access to Kalalau Beach is either by boat or an 11 mile hike on one of the most difficult trails on the Hawaiian Islands. There are no facilities except composting toilets. Ho'ole'a Falls at the western end of the beach provides fresh water, but needs to be purified before drinking.

The beach itself is long, sand and amazingly gorgeous. The steep pali cliffs behind the beach are so tall, it's a sight you can't explain unless you see it in person. They make you realized how small you are.

There are caves where visitors will camp out and sleep in if the tide is not too big. But be advised, camping anywhere on the beach or under the cliff can be hazardous because of falling rocks. There are goats that travel along the ridge and kick rocks down, some say deliberately, and have been known to cause head trauma requiring a Life Flight out by helicopter.

There is a small campground that is a far better spot to camp with shaded trees, and camp sites. Safer by far. I used a hammock that kept my equipment and clothing off the ground and away from the bugs. In the evening, I can think of no spot on earth one could enjoy looking at the heavens from this beach. No pollution or city lights to obscure the view. Magnificent.

Kalalau Beach is a place few will ever visit, and those that do will never forget the experience.

Tom T
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One of the highlights of my life. The hike to Kalalau was wonderful traveling with friends and camping out at the half way point. There's a section of the cliff called "Crawler's Ledge" that was narrow with a steep cliff up and a steep cliff down with nothing to hang onto if you slip. It messed with my mind trying to cross it, but I finally made it across.

Once seeing Kalalau, it was Eden. The only way I know how to describe it. The beach is gorgeous with its majestic cliffs. The river that flows into it near the campground was awesome to cool off and clean up. I felt our stuff was safe in the camping area - everyone is sort of hippy-ish there, and the vibe of peace and love blankets the area. Just an amazing place that I will one day experience again.
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Tracy M
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It is true that this is a very remote beach but it is also true that it is a very beautiful one also. How could it not be with the Pali as your backdrop? We have never hiked the trail but have viewed the beach by plane and by catamaran the last time we were on the island. It truly is a beautiful place on the most beautiful island in the world!
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