Sprecklesville Beach

Image Credit Forest and Kim Starr|https://www.flickr.com/photos/starr-environmental/10784630964/in/photolist-hr144b
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Address 1046 Kapukaulua Pl, Paia, HI 96779
Very close to the airport so it will get loud here but fun for plane buffs.

• Hiking: Hiking • Good For: Fishing • Good For: Windsurfing

This is a long set of beaches in the Sprecklesville area and a common hangout for windsurfers and local fisherman. It's in a direct flight path with the airport so it can be a bit noisy here.

It's not the easiest beach to access or find so from the Hana Highway just head towards the ocean onto Sprecklesville Road which will turn into Stable Road and take the second right which will be onto a dirt road that leads to the parking area and beach.

Because you are so close to the airport you cannot do any kite surfing. That's right, the planes come in so low that kites could pose a threat (I suppose if one cut loose) and they're not allowed here.